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Photo Contest

  1. I would like to host a photo contest on my blog that will have people vote on up to 30 this possible with WordPress?

    Any ideas are much appreciated!


  2. We do not have voting widgets or poll widgets at

  3. If you had comments for each image and had people vote that way, sure, go for it.

  4. Ahhh, of course! Sometimes I can't see the trees for the forest ... lol :)

  5. just don't forget to inform your electorate that each comment means a 'PRO' vote, if they don't like any particular image and would like to vote against it, then let'em just go elsewhere in this case.

  6. Or you could suggest graphics or + or - signs as the first item in the comment; then you could just scan through the comments and collect all the ones that are each. Ignore the ones that don't follow the instruction.

  7. yeah, and periodically you could publish updates on a special contest results page. just provide/still yourself with a pen and paper if there will be a fair amount of votes.

  8. I have thought of doing something similar in regard to a certain highway interchange (the ultimate photo challenge:P), but am not sure I would want to go through that much trouble. I am not sure even if potential voters would want to go through that much trouble. It sure is nice on message boards to click a vote and see all the results pretty much instantly.

  9. actually, you need a host and something like the 'Coppermine Photo Gallery'.

  10. Thanks for the information and ideas!

  11. isn't luckypolls format supported here? You could just have all the images and then 'which image do you vote for? and then 30 options to choose from.

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