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Photo Contest on Wired

  1. There is a Transportation Photo Contest going on in magazine. If you have a photo of transportation related items, you can post and vote.

    See my Shipwreck photo on the HOT section and vote with a GREEN ARROW UP.


    Nathan Nowack

  2. You might want to also post this in the Photography and Art sticky thread at the top of the forum. I'm sure everyone there would be interested.

  3. holy smokes. I've got the perfect pics for this. I've had them and never knew what to do with them. whaddya win, a huge amount of money, or bragging rights?

    I so have this.

    With a little help from me friends ;)

    How in the he// do you upload photos out of your phone. I've never done it before. They're stuck in there.

  4. "Please submit images that are relatively large, the ideal size being 800-1200 pixels or larger on the longest side."

    my picture is 320 x 240 :(

  5. Stitch them in a collage? Or what's your resolution? You could expand them if it's good, since these are not going to be printed but posted online and need less resolution.

    I generally email my pictures to myself, but it's BLOODY EXPENSIVE. Under "My Camera" on the phone, in the My Pictures, we have Options: in there, there is Send a Picture Message, and you can just type in an email addy.

    You're supposed to be able to hook the damn things up to your computer with a special cable that is never sold with the phone, nor with the computer, nor at any store within 20 miles of where you live, but I've never done it myself.

  6. Done!

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