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    I’m a photographer and I’d like to display my photo’s on my blog- but the slideshow options are unsuitable. I don’t want advertisements distracting visitors from my site- nor do i want to waste their time with loading. If i upgrade to custom css- will i be able to have the photos in thumbnail form, click on them, and then see them big? Or rather, can i do anything to change the format?


    You can insert images in your posts as thumbnails with links to the larger images. I do it quite often. After uploading the image, make sure the “thumbnail” button is selected as well as “thumbnail linked to file” and then send it to the editor.

    Here are some links regarding slideshows from a FAQ and forum search for “slideshow”:


    thanks for your response, but that option is frustrating for visitors as well- they want to be able to go from one photo to the next, rather than going back and forth every time. is there a way to do this with css?



    If you know how to code CSS, you can change the width of your columns: mine is 630 pixels wide. If you don’t know CSS, don’t buy the upgrade, because it’s not simple to use. It will take you a month or so to learn at least.

    There is currently NO WAY to avoid the Google Adsense that occasionally puts on our blogs, except possibly to have a blog rated Mature, because the Adsense ToS forbid advertising on Mature blogs.



    Another way is to make a page for each photo and then link between them with previous/next arrows. The thumbs would then link to the page with the photo in question.

    And, sorry for hijacking the thread here, but raincoaster: do you know how often adsense is shown on our blogs? Just a rough estimate? I haven’t seen it once during the month I’ve been around.

    – Biyang Hansen



    Biyang, I’ve seen it fewer than five times on my blog, and I’ve been here two years. But Wank has had a very different experience. Nobody but staff knows how often the ads are there (and you’ll never see it if you’re signed in).



    Thanks for the quick answer, raincoaster.

    – Biyang


    Well, I bought the css upgrade (and I figured it out in one day) but I’ve run into new problems! Browsers reading things differently…oy. But thanks for the help :)



    If you have a photoblog then the best theme choices you can make for image display are the 3 themes with the largest blogging space in posts. These are:
    Shocking Blue Green, Silver is the New Black and WordPress Classic

    And as far as css customization goes if your are experienced with css you can put any theme in Sandbox and edit the css. From your readers’ viewpoint Firefox will attempt to resize images and IE will not. I believe the information at this link is worthwhile reading

    If i upgrade to custom css- will i be able to have the photos in thumbnail form, click on them, and then see them big?

    This is not really a css issue. You can get a 3rd party free account and then link the thumbnail images to the full sized images.

    Also note this information



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