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    I’m an wordpress user since 2007 with one active blog till now.

    My question is whether is possible to include a photo gallery in a new blog, with some features like rating on the photo from registered only users (ability to vote only once per user), ability to include more than 200 photos ( photo<1MB ) per gallery. Ability to transfer photos from other Galleries (eg Picasa) etc

    Tks in advance


    Here is how the Photo Galleries work here:


    Tks for your reply.

    I already use the default gallery but it does not support what i wrote before.

    My answer was whether there is a custom gallery or a plug -in gallery
    which can support these features (eg rating on the photo) i mentioned in my first post-question.


    The reason I gave you the link I did, was so that you can see what is and is not possible using gallery images. There is no custom gallery and you cannot use plugins here on a blog.

    A lot of things are not possible on a blog whereas, if you were to self-host using a install, it opens up a lot more possibilities.

    To understand the differences between what you can and can’t do on a blog as opposed to install, please read this:

    If you want to have a look at what’s possible with a self-hosted blog using software, here’s a link to their support site and forums:

    However, be aware that anything that relates to a blog on (which you currently have) won’t receive a reply there – you can only ask about that here.


    OK. Tks again.
    If upgrading to Pro does this change something about the ability to use plug – ins ?
    I noticed that there is a Photo Gallery named Photosmash which probably could make what i want it for.


    No, none of the upgrades enable you to add plugins. You’d definitely have to self-host to do that.


    Tks a lot.

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