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Photo Gallery

  1. Photo Gallery on wordpress would be a hudge hit!

  2. We have a photo gallery option
    there is plenty of threads on this next please consider
    doing a forum search before posting.....

    Search results
    Link » photo gallery

  3. Announced in April:

    Since there's been almost a new FAQ per day lately, hoping to seeing the inclusion of a surprisingly overlooked and much needed FAQ on this feature.

  4. I think what is missing from the gallery is a slide show option. Currently you put a gallery in your post, people select a thumbnail, and they get thrown to a page with just that image. To navigate the images you have to go back, click, view, back again.

    Even just a simple next/prev link on an image clicked from the gallery would be a really useful improvement for user navigation.

    I know you can link to externally hosted slideshows, but you then end up having to maintain images on one site and the posts on another (here). It would be nice to have the basic navigation all on WordPress. If you want fancier effects (automatic slideshows, for example), then by all means use one of the other sites.

  5. Hello gwhitfield,

    I agree and would also like to see this option added... :)

  6. Why don't you all join in in the thread that we would like Lightbox? It's brilliant..

  7. Hello boblets,

    I believe I left a reply in that thread... I would like see light box added!!!

  8. Well, until NextGen Lightbox happens (really brilliant!), I got tired of waiting for the official Gallery FAQ so I wrote "Not the Official Gallery FAQ"

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