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photo gallery

  1. hectorthepudding

    Is the photo gallery a widget?

    I've read a lot about 'the' photo gallery (not all good, by any means), but I can't even seem to find it!

    Is photo gallery a widget? I'm using either the Light or Contempt themes. how do I add photo gallery?


  2. @hectorthepudding-No, Gallery is not a widget. For a very basic understanding of what Gallery is, view the new FAQ:

    @panaghiotisadam-Thanks for the kind mention of my non-official Gallery FAQ. The full article can be found on my main photoblog, here:

  3. @justjennifer: Kind? No kindness involved - you're our undisputed gallery expert!

  4. hectorthepudding

    thanks guys - and Jennifer, that is a VERY helpful explanation, brilliant! Ta.


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