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    I used the Gutenberg editor to add a gallery to a page but the thumbnails are static (fixed size). Clicking does not bring up a full size image. I chose this theme years ago (Bueno) and don’t know if I need to change themes or add a plugin or what might be the best course. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is


    Howdy –

    I’m happy to take a look at this. Please send me a link to where the gallery is located on the site so I can have a closer look and see about the image sizes. Thanks!


    Here is the link:

    If I zoom my laptop’s touch screen, I can make the whole page including gallery photos large, but clicking on an individual photo does nothing. The screen looks as though it is sort of optimized for a handheld device only.

    Thanks for looking into this.


    The gallery is conforming to the overall space that the posts have with in that theme. They are displaying correctly.

    Perhaps, a better option is to use a theme that has a more prominent post display area. The Bueno theme which is currently on the site has been retired. It’s not being maintained or updated to work with browser updates, etc.. Eventually it will get really wonky – so changing now would be my suggestion.

    Take a look at these free options:


    Thanks so much for helping! I’m going to look into a different theme.


    I’ll pass your thanks on to @lizkarkoski. We’ll be here if you have questions about choosing a different theme :)

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