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photo gallery photos don't appear on my blog but are uploaded.

  1. I followed the directions for the photo gallery but the pictures will not come up on my side bar, just the title will but no images, which are uploaded and show up in the widget photo gallery.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is a bug going around on images. I would suggest not uploading images to until it's fixed.

  3. ok, will I be notified when this bug is fixed?

    Thank you.

  4. Same problem

  5. @taylorannanderson - I recall seeing a much earlier forum thread that was specific to the Spun theme where we discovered that the Gallery widget doesn't work with it. Don't know that it's been resolved, but we can wait for a Staff reply since someone has already tagged this thread for their assistance. Please be patient.

    @msgaya-no link to your site, so we can't see what theme you are using. If by chance it is a mature or Private site, just let us know the theme.

  6. ^ That did not help. the majority of that talk is about embedding music. Thanks for your attempt but it is not what we need. @justjennifer

  7. The Staff reply I linked to deals with the Gallery widget not appearing on the Spun theme. That part is relevant.

    Regardless, this thread has been tagged for a Staff update.

  8. jerrysarcastic

    Hi @taylorannanderson

    I tried out the gallery widget on my test blog (I see you don't have it active on your site currently) and it is working for me.

    Let me know if you have any trouble, and I am happy to take a closer look.


  9. Hi jerrysarcastic-

    On my test site with the Spun theme active and the Gallery widget enabled, the Gallery widget does not display in the widgetized footer area. There are three widgets enabled there, Gallery at the left (Sidebar 1), Calendar in the middle (Sidebar 2), and Links on the right (Sidebar 3).


    Thanks again for looking.

  10. Additionally, there are no "visibility" settings active on any of the widgets.

  11. jerrysarcastic

    I checked on this, and this is a bug that has been reported, and is awaiting developer attention to fix. I will update you when I know more.

    Thanks for your patience. :)

  12. @jerrysarcastic-Thanks for confirming that the Spun theme and the Gallery widget still don't play well together. Looking forward to your update.

    @taylorannanderson- Perhaps an Image widget will work for you in the interim? It does work in Spun's widget area.

  13. @jerrysarcastic-as strange as it may sound for a few precious moments yesterday I saw the Gallery widget (5 circle thumbs) on the front page of the OP's site. Then it disappeared never to reappear. I was so stunned I forgot to take a screenshot.

  14. @jerrysarcastic - Since the OP has changed to a different theme (Fontfolio) this may be moot for her, but after being reported close to 3 months ago , is there any update from the devs for those community members using the Spun theme and wanting to use the Gallery widget? Thanks!

  15. It's still on the developers list to fix. I'll see if I can give them another nudge. We'll notify you once it's been resolved.

    Thank you for your patience.

  16. Howdy all!

    Just a note to say we've just released a fix for Spun and the Gallery widget. Hopefully it's playing nice now. :)

    Cheers, Caroline

  17. Great news, Caroline! Thanks for posting the update. Glad I was still subscribed to this thread! :)

    (That might have been the longest "time-out" in the history of WPcom. )

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