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photo gallery problem

  1. The photos are not centred in the gallery view on my blog

    Is it an Internet Explorer problem since they are fine in Chrome. But how can I fix it since a lot of my website users will be using Internet Explorer?
    Blog url:

  2. In IE version 9 everything is centered so it must be an issue with past versions of IE.

  3. It's with IE9 that I have the problem. Is it just me? I have tried it on two computers.

  4. i checked it again and there seems to be no problem at all, both in firefox 13 and IE9. what do you mean by "centred" just to be sure i'm on the same page here

  5. I think it must just be me since it' still off centre on my IE but a friend has checked and it's ok on hers. What I mean by off centre is when you click on a photo to open the gallery on chrome the images appear centred between the 2 < > synbols. On IE the images go off to the right, some more than others to the extent that the image of the man conducting is half off the screen. But if no one else is seeing it I will just wait and see if I get any complaints from my choral society members!

  6. Hello,

    My theme is « Structure ». When I add a feature image, it appears twice : below the header and in my post. I want the image appear once (below the header not in my post).

    How can I do so?


    Chantal Crevier

  7. I have been at this for a few months now, so I am relatively sure its just me. I've read the tutorial, and tried to do as instructed, yet my photos are not filling the required space. I do not have the ability to change the dimensions, why?

  8. @chcrevier could you provide a link to your blog?

    @silvachiqa i'm not sure i understood your problem

  9. @sop2 - this is happening because your viewers may be using IE9 in Compatibility View. I just tested this and indeed some of the Carousel images were off center.

  10. @silvachiqa, you are not using the Gallery feature for at least the first post on your site ( , and I notice that you have the Custom Design upgrade.

    Two things:
    If you are inserting images at "full size" for your theme, that is 529 pixels when you have a sidebar. Are you certain you have selected "full size" from the insert image option?

    If you have done so, check your Media settings to see what the maximum image size there and let us know. If you've entered a number under "width", please delete it and save your settings.

  11. @chcrevier, if this is the site you are talking about then I recommend reading this informative post by another forum volunteer.

  12. thank you @justjennifer. I have to use compatability view to pick up my work emails but once I turned it off they were perfectly centred. Mystery solved.

  13. @justjennifer : thank you! That was helpful.

  14. Hello,
    I am a new comer in word Press.
    How I will start my

  15. My photo gallery is not working in IE and Chrome, in FireFox seems fine in my own computer ex:

    --Please help

  16. What exactly isn't working?

    FWIW-You haven't used the Gallery feature to insert your images on that post, so if you are expecting the Photo Carousel to appear, that is the reason it doesn't.

  17. Sorry justjennifer, i changed it because i had people looking at that post but it has before the gallery...check this post: - in my computer the gallery works fine, when i go to some other computer (friend, work, etc) don't work...please help...Thanks

  18. I'm sorry, but I still don't understand what exactly isn't working. I see a post that has 7 photos inserted directly in the post followed by a gallery of 28 photos.

    Can you please describe what you see happening and what you expect to see happen?

  19. When you click on those small photos should open a window with gallery, the one that are going to open to start gallery and you can flip through, well for the las 3 weeks it open in one white background page, not the regular gallery with black background and you can keep looking at the photos one by my computer the one i do work in WP, does others computer doesn't

  20. When I click on any of those Gallery thumbnails, the Image Carousel opens with the image on a black background and I can scroll through using the arrows on right and left.

    The images that have been inserted individually at the top of the page will not open in the Image Carousel when you click on them because when you inserted them, you linked them to their image attachment page Because you've done that, and those same images also appear in the Gallery at the bottom of the page, anyone clicking on the top images can browse through the attachment pages for all the other images in the Gallery as well.

    If you want to stop this behavior, change the Link URL for the individual images at the top part of the page to "None" or if you want to keep those images out of the Gallery, you need to use "excludes" in the Gallery shortcode. See here: under Gallery shortcode. Any editing of the Gallery to use excludes has to be done in the Text Editor.

  21. @justjennifer, thanks a lot for your help, don't know why in some computer the gallery does not work...but thanks a lot for taking your time and help me, i'm going to read the link you send me for the gallery...

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