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    Hello, I have created this blog after reading and reading about it, but now I think one or two days of reading was not enough, and now I’m trying to manage all this stuff and is getting mad…

    is as simply as create a small portfolio with a blog option, cool, so I have found you can use LOTS of themes, and plugins.

    NO…now I realized I can choose ONLY wp themes, and can’t use the other ones I have found before.

    as well I can’t use plugins and now I’m trying to figure out how can I add a gallery to one page, including thumbnails, maximize, and click again to close or to pass to the next…

    now, the question of the day, is it possible? I mean, is it possible to do this without a “you must relog in bla bla bla, and then pay bla bla bla, and then bla bla bla and then to the psychiatrist”…

    I have been surfing around the forums and can’t find a proper response…

    oh, I also asked about “content” cause I’m going to create a piercing related blog, and there’s some “disturbing” content, like “horrible” nudes, etc… (usually have problems with sites, cause a penis, vagina or breast picture seems to be extraterrestrial), someone told me I can set a kind of alert to allow people choose to view or not my blog, due to the mature content it contains…

    cool, I can’t see that option.

    I’ll try to get this way, or will switch to the yahoo one, (the other I found, and they don’t have problems with my amazingly-awful-disturbing-porn-blasfemy-non family fiendly pictures.


    ok, thank you! I have set my blog as mature, but I’m still with doubts about gallery making… I will try to keep reading that gammagirl post.


    You’re welcome.

    Your doubts are quite justified, because the gallery feature has limitations and shortcomings.

    (PS: “gammagirl” is actually “justjennifer”, one of the experienced volunteers of our forum.)


    cool, I think I have some time now to get it done, let’s check it!


    Ah ! Great !! I too have contacted my psychiatrist about this…. FAQ, who would have though…..

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