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    I have several websites/blogs that are quite photo heavy, at this point with high resolution photos. I am about to launch a new product website that is, yes, mostly photos!

    As I have noticed my loading times slowing down, I wondered two things;

    1. is there an option on to select lower resolution photos to upload.

    2. is there a way to know how much of my 3GB remains available to me please?

    Thanks very much,

    Lesley-Anne Evans

    The blog I need help with is



    1. How are you uploading the photos? Using a web browser or the WP app?

    2. In your web browser, you can find the amount of space you’ve used both in your WP Admin Classic Dashboard (the “At a Glance” module) or directly in the Media Library at the top of the page.


    When I upload, I click on the ‘media’ button within my wordpress dashboard. It prompts me to do what I need to do, takes me to my iphoto library etc. Is there someplace where I choose resolution?

    I will have to go look at At A Glance…


    is the 3GB per blog/website, or cumulative/shared?


    So, in At A Glance, it tells me I have used 8% of my allotted space. Surely this is very little? How would this possible effect things?


    My photography blog See/Saw has used 15%…

    DISH has used 8%

    Buddy Breathing has used 34% over several years…

    So, I’m wondering is photo resolution actually an issue for me at all? If I’ve been using and uploading lots of photos without any issues, and the % is so low, do I really need to worry at all? Or, is it just good practice to upload lower resolution images?



    So do I understand correctly then that you are not using the WP iPhone app, but using a mobile browser (which?) to create your posts?

    Or are you doing this all from the web?

    Sorry, I’m a bit iDevice ignorant being a PC/Android user.

    3GB is per site.

    8% doesn’t sound like much, but it also depends on how many posts you’ve created. I’ve been here 8 years, have around 180 posts and have only used about 4% of my available space. I definitely resize before uploading as it also helps with image clarity.



    Cumulatively, it will have an effect and as you can see, it does definitely have an impact on the loading time of your slideshow. It took a really long time for it to load for me and several images were missing.


    I take photos with my Nikon, upload them to my laptop, then create all content on my macbook pro, uploading to wordpress. So, does wordpress have an option for uploading photos of lower resolution whenever I post/blog them?


    Sorry, I was away from my desk for a couple of hours. Back now. :) And thank you for your assistance!


    Sorry, I was away from my desk for a couple of hours. Back now. :) And thank you for your assistance!



    And nighttime happened here.

    So, uploading at lower resolutions, no.

    You need to resize and optimize your images before you upload them in order to maximize your free space, preserve image clarity and reduce upload and viewing times on the web. If you are transferring your images to your laptop from your camera, you can use an image processing program to first duplicate your image if you don’t want to work on the original. Then use the processed image in your post. (Many image processing programs have a batch processing tool so that you can create a task to process many images at once.)

    Just so you know, I believe I saw in an older forum thread that the WP software here automatically compresses the images you upload here by 10%.

    Now the other half, the Slideshow Gallery uses the full size image. This is because the slideshow fills the entire width of your theme content container. For the Adelle theme that’s 640 pixels wide. That means all your 3000+ pixel wide images are being dynamically resized while loading to be viewed at 640 pixels wide. You can check this yourself by stopping the slideshow, right clicking and opening the current image in a new window or tab. (I viewed your link on my phone yesterday-after 3 minutes, the images in the slideshow still hadn’t appeared. Page loading time is a big factor in search engine results these days.)

    Time for more coffee. Be back in a few minutes.

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