Photo hotlinks “out of bounds” on all themes?

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    Hello, Everybody,

    I’m using ChaosTheory but I also had this problem with Digg.

    This post is an example:

    On both photos, the hotlink extends beyond the boundaries of the photo. (Put your mouse to the left or right of the smaller bottom photo and you’ll see what I mean.) I’d like the link to be contained within the boundaries of the photo itself.

    This one’s really bad, too:

    Am I doing something wrong in how I’m posting the photos in the first place? I’m at a loss.




    It doesn’t do it in IE7. Just Firefox 3. I think. Still trying to figure out some trial-and-error fixes with no luck in fixing it in Firefox.

    But there’s ANOTHER case of sloppy links in BOTH browsers — check out this page:

    … and put your mouse in the space BELOW the Glen Phillips text but ABOVE the Garrison Starr photo. The hotlink is “alive” — to — in the white space! Why isn’t it confined just to the text “Glen Phillips”?

    Oh, sloppy links. Oh, how you confound me.

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