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Photo into my blog....

  1. I have been up all night and day and still no luck. I have gotten my blog functional but can not figure out how to get a photo from photobucket or flikr onto my blog site. When i try to list my blog address when requested or my AIP number neither works. I am just not getting it. I have also tried when posting my comment to get a photo into the posting. I would luv to share my photos like the others and I need help please.

    Thank you.

  2. See if this (and the entries it links to) helps:

  3. thank you for the link. I was able to learn how to do this. I downloaded the INfraview and re-sized a photo. Set it into photobucket and then just put in the URL. Voila!

    One more question though... please.... All my buttons are working in my editor menu except my link button. The chain link button to place in and take out are greyed out.
    Do I need to purchase credits to get to use them? Or is that set up in widgets... I did look but did not see anything.
    Thank you ....

  4. Glad to hear it.

    Just highight the text you want linked and the buttons will become usable. (I almost said light up, but you know what I mean...)

  5. Oh -- putting something in Photobucket first. You do know you have oodles of space here, yes? Free.

  6. Well thank you so much.... duhh.... I just got the link to light up :) I highlighted the work and it lights up like a dream..... I can't believe I am now a full fledged blogger. :)

    It really wasn't too bad to figure out here and some really nice features. Yes, I know we have space here for holding photos but I was so use to using photobucket that I went ahead and used it. I will figure out how to store pictures. In the media area right?
    And then just use the URL from here. ... will have to try that.
    thanks for the really great help!

  7. You're very welcome. Yep, just upload the image from your editor screen and insert it. When you're ready, search the FAQ on Images, although it's lately been one of the top items in the FAQ tag cloud, so just click it.

    One wonderful aspect of Photobucket is their new photo editor. I am amazed by how robust it is.

    Happy blogging!

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