Photo jumps order when adding caption

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    I have tried to search support and the forums but didn’t find anything related so here is the problem I’m currently having:

    When upload pictures into a post, say 10 of them, I place them in the order that I want, 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. I then proceed to add caption to picture 7, say. After clicking “Update”, my picture 7 immediately jumps and appears between 2 and 3 instead. This happens EVERY TIME I add caption to any of my pictures, it would shift to some other order that I don’t want.

    Can someone please help? Is it something that I’m doing?

    I have used a variety of ways to post, Mac, PC, Windows Live Writer, Chrome, Firefox, plain WordPress uploading tool, etc., and it would happen every time.

    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    for the purposes of trouble shooting:

    Do you have “Wrapping” on the new photos when you are adding them to your new post?

    at this link:

    at the fourth image under the text: “A window will appear”.
    You will note the line “Alignment……..None ………Left……..Center…….. Right

    If some of your images that you are inserting are checked “left” or “right“, (causing text wrapping) with out you knowing, then they may appear to be in the wrong order.



    Thanks, dlager, but all of my images are centered, and I don’t notice any other settings that are out of place. This problem is driving me crazy!



    All I can suggest is to try editing them from the HTML editor, and report the problem to staff via the Help button on your dashboard. Captions are tricky things.

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