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    I tried to put a topic up on the boards and for some reason it didn’t work, so I’m going to ask again and please forgive me if it’s a duplicate post.

    I started a blog and in my posts I want to include a link to a picture on my artist website where the reader can click on it and be sent to my website to view details of that particular picture and whatnot. Fine Art America has links for this very thing meant for blogs and forum posts however it doesn’t seem to work with WordPress. Has anyone ever had this experience? I want it to appear as a clickable-picture link, if that makes any sense. Right now they are just the actual links….

    Please let me know your thoughts! The links look like the below:

    <img src=’′ alt=’Sell Art Online’ title=’Sell Art Online’ style=’border: none;’>



    It’s not that hard, but strips out certain codes particularly affiliate codes. Are you using a special link code? If so, post it here but put a space between the pointy brackets and the next letter (that makes it display).

    Normally, you’d just insert the image from a URL or upload it directly to from your computer. Then, once it’s in the post, you click on it, then click on the LINK button above your Write Post box, and put in the link.

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