Photo on About page always a bit fuzzy….

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    Not a very crucial question, but it’s been bothering me ever since I started the blog, almost 3 years ago

    The photos uploaded to posts look ok, but whenever I upload a photo to the “About” page, the image on the page is a bit fuzzy, only if you click on it to enlarge it it shows with a better quality

    Am I doing something wrong when I upload this type of file?


    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not fuzzy when I view it. If you want to be sure the image quality is not compromised then create another smaller image optimize it, upload it and use it instead.



    Strange… I might go in another computer and check it out.

    I do optimize the photos before uploading, maybe it’s something to do with my computer and not the site itself…

    I will mark the topic as solved anyway ;-)



    The image you have uploaded is 408px wide while the version on the page is 210px. In general, images downsized by WP lose quality. For best results, downsize them in an image editing application or an online tool to the pixel size you want and upload/insert those versions in full-size. See here:



    I see…. I will follow your instructions this weekend and give it another try!



    Ok, I tried it and I think it’s a little better… however, I could not delete the dimensions of the photo after uploading as the instructions suggested – I could not figure out how to do it once in the uploaded state.

    I simply resized it and uploaded as “full size” image

    thanks for your help!


    You’re welcome.

    I checked the sourcecode of your page and saw that you did remove the width and height attributes. Remove this bit as well:

    By the way, there’s no point making the image clickable when it’s displayed in real size. See here:



    Amazing…. I’ve been doing this for quite some time, but never noticed these differences in how to treat the uploaded image…

    I will now try to get that ?w=500

    (whatever that is… ;-)

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