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Photo on the tag page

  1. How do I get a photo on the tag page.The only thing that shows up is an out line of a human form. What do I do?

  2. You upload your avatar here -> Users -> Your Profile
    That image will appear first in the forum and on the tag pages and then some time later (it can be hours) it will also show on the comments you post on other blogs, provided you are signed in when you leave them.

    Do make sure the avatar image you upload is the correct size 128 * 128 pixels square. Do not use an avatar that is transparent. Transparency will render as black.

    From the FAQs

    The thread you can test your avatar in is here

  3. Thanks for your reply.
    I already uploaded avatar and my about page does now show my photo.
    I did this several hours ago.
    I did the test you suggested - there is still the human form out line.
    What I want is my photo to show up when I comment and for it to show up for people when they are sorting through various tag pages.
    I hope that is clear -I don't always have the right terminology.

  4. Your "About" page has nothing whatsoever to do with avatar display. If you want an image on your About page you will have to upload it into the About page.

    As you have said you are still getting the grayed out human form I would suggest that you upload another image to use as an avatar and see if that works. -> Users -> Your Profile

    Avatars are not essential to blogging and sometimes it takes a long time for avatars to show up so remain calm.

    Support is closed on weekends except for urgent matters. If you uploaded an avatar of the correct size and it was not transparent and, if it does not show up by Monday then you can send in a feedback to staff requesting their help.

  5. Thank You

  6. @1poet4man
    YAY! I see an image on your About page.
    :( RATS! I still see the grayed out image rather than an avatar.
    Tomorrow use the feedback button (top right hand corner of any admin side blog page) and request staff assistance.

  7. Thanks again for your time and genorosity.

  8. You're most welcome and I'm sorry I couldn't help you solve this.

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