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    This is an ongoing problem; I just decided to fuss about it today. When I add a photo (by pasting in the url from my photo site), it often (nearly always) overlaps the text. This happens regardless of the alignment I pick, and regardless of whether or not I use the code view to make adjustments. I use the Tarski theme. Example here:

    Advice? Thanks! Susan


    First off, the maximum width for images in a post in Tarski is 495px and your image is 580. That will cause problems.

    The other thing you might try doing is when you have a large, full-width image, make it a separate paragraph. Right now on that post, the image and text below is part of the same paragraph. Typically I would think that would fix it.

    The image on “red sky in the morning” is also too wide for Tarski as is “it’s all new.”

    Your animated gif at the bottom of Hooray is causing problems as well and should probably be put on a separate line by itself or something (separate paragraph). Alternately you could make it smaller. It’s running over and down into the title of the post below.



    Excellent advice–thanks so much. I’m off to tweak the sizes. One question — What is the code for a new paragraph and or new line, do you know? I must be doing something wrong, because when I hit Enter to create a new paragraph before or after a photo, it doesn’t always “take.” Sometimes I have to work in the “code” window to get things to work.

    Thanks agan,

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