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    Uploading photos and illustrations to my blog is a snap – except for one thing. They only appear “flush left” (on the left side of the page, even when I direct them through my dashboad’s tool bar to “center” or “flush right.” This is true even though the picture APPEARS to be flush right or centered in my dashboard. On the actual blog, the one everyone sees, the photo or art is flush left.

    Also, the photo properties tool doesn’t work and, in fact, corrupts the photo or illustration when I use it. For example, when I set properties for, say, 5-picas of padding around a photo, the photo vanishes.

    Any advice?


    hello derekclontz,
    i have had problems with image alignment too. so i just strip out the automatically generated image alignment information formulated within the image code. then i do this to align images in the center:

    <p align="center">IMAGE CODE</p>

    replace the words IMAGE CODE with the actual image code.

    i hope this helps! :D

    about spacing, well, i am not sure how to overcome it. if i find a solution, i will keep you posted! :D



    please help me to add my personal photo to my blog



    Since the revision to the Dashboard some weeks ago, image placement definitely doesn’t work right for me, and I have to do what sanjidabd does–edit the HTML. The new “class” code in WordPress’ HTML doesn’t work right.


    Since this, and other image problems seem to be an ongoing theme, I guess it will be up to us to figure them out. I for one will not be upgrading to the paid version until I know these bugs have been fixed.


    unless you state specifically what your problem is, i don’t think you are gonna get much help here!

    what kind of help do you nees? exactly what is your problem?



    Sanjidabd … we’ll try the code fix … thank you very much. D



    I’m having similar problems. When I click the Image button to, say, add a border or some horizontal padding, it appears to work, but as soon as I save, publish, or click “HTML,” the image reverts to what it was previously. Does anyone have a fix for this?


    Hello, mates. Not experienced in wordpress. I want to add photos at the sidebar. Not flickr. Just want to upload them either from my pc or add a url. Is it possible?


    For some raeson it wont let me add images to my blogs today, I will try later and see if they load up on the blogs!
    Cheers alot!



    I hate to be Captain Obvious, Defender of the Already Known, but the WordPress Image software is LOADED with bugs, and problems. I’m constantly getting hung up so I have to re-upload stuff, and delete all my cookies, and log out and log back in and rename stuff and all sorts of other repeated acrobatics in order to get images to FINALLY display on the page in the simple way that I intended. I sure wish the WordPress Programmers would spend more time debugging the image software so that it functions on the same level as most of the other wordpress software. ::sigh:: But it is still a great deal for $10 bucks a year domain hosting! :-)



    oxistilogokrisia, What you want to do requires a little bit of HTML knowledge, or you can trick WordPress into helping you with the HTML code that you need. I recommend creating a temporary unpublished page where you upload the pictures to the blog image gallery, and then display them on the page at the size that you are going to want them in the side bar, and then click on the HTML tab and copy the HTML code and use that HTML code in a “TEXT” sidebar.

    I hope that helps!



    me too let the best way to do it , till then do enjoy having lots of pictures ,



    : ) I’m having issues with posting images/video. The page hoses after “insert into post” so I reload image same deal. Am I doing something wrong again?
    Thanks as always



    I’m having a similar problem. My images, when I add them, are so large that some of the image is covered up by the sidebar, I’ve tried resizing the images in wordpress and I’ve also resized them elsewhere, re-uploaded them to my hosting website, and then re-linked to them. After I do this, everything looks fine in my dashboard, but as soon as I click publish and go take a look, the images are enormous again. I added pictures to a page a week or so ago and everything fit ok. How can I fix this?



    @aribabybug-make sure you empty your browser’s cache and refresh your published page before viewing.

    If that isn’t working, when you reupload your image, make sure your rename your image to something else than the first uploaded image. If it is the same name, the old image is still the one referred to as it’s stuck in WordPress’ servers.



    Does anyone know why the order of the photos added to the blog might be messed up? When me and my blogging partner try to upload photo essays, the newest photo is always jumping to the top. With the old upload program there were ways around it, and when they switched upload screens it seemed to have been resolved. But we have 10+ picture photo essays to put up, and this massive amount of copying and pasting is seriously the biggest pain in the butt ever. WTF?


    stoprobbers – can you provide the URL (including http://) to your blog, and an example of where you’re seeing the problem? It’s hard to determine why something is happening without looking at it…



    Best if you provide not only the URLs of the posts, but also the images.


    I don’t have a solution, but I have noticed that photo alignments work perfectly in one template (Ocean Mist; see but not in another template (Connections; see In the latter, using the generated code the images seem to be inserted inline with text instead of aligning and wrapping correctly. I suspect this could be fixed in some part of the CSS code if someone has access and knowledge to do that. Note that the paragraph alignment workaround doesn’t work in Connections either.

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