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Photo Problem "Error on Page"

  1. I'm trying to put a photo on a post. I can get the photo uploaded okay. Then it says to "send to editor." I click there and I get an "error on page" notice.

    I've tried this several times. I've decreased the size of my photo by 1/2. Then I changed the colors to 16 colors. Nothing works.

    I know I must be missing some little thing. I've searched the FAQ's and other posts, but still don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also downloaded IrfanView to help with these photos.

    Thanks. Bonnie

  2. G'morning
    There are many different kinds of errors so in these cases drmike always asks for the following : Could you please provide the wording of the error message? Tx :)

  3. timethief,
    The error shows up on the bottom of my Internet Explorer page, where it usually says "done," after a page is completely loaded. But in this case it says "done with error on page."


  4. hmmm ... I'm sorry I can't help. We're going to have to wait for someone else to answer this for you. :(

  5. Timethief,
    Well, it seems I finally got it right. I did manage to put the photo up. The only thing I think I did different this time....was added the file extension .jpg to the file name. That might have been the problem?

    Thanks for your help, and maybe this will help someone else.

  6. Thanks for coming back and telling us how this was resolved. I believe you're right when you say this could help other bloggers in the future. Happy blogging :)

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