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    I hope Panos sees this one….

    Under “General Settings” I uploaded an image in the “Blog Picture” section. However, it doesn’t show up on my blog site.
    I wonder what I’ve done wrong.

    The blog I need help with is



    yeah your blog picture isn’t showing up… try uploading again? but sometimes it might take a bit of time before it appears.


    Should I upload again even though I can see it in the “Blog Picture” section under “General Settings?” Thank you!



    i checked your blog again and still don’t see the blog picture. wouldn’t hurt to upload it again, i think. in case you haven’t, do make sure the picture fulfills the specifications, eg. proper picture file, does not exceed size limit, etc.



    Something is up; otherwise we’d at least see the logo. If I were you, I’d change the name and THEN upload it.


    Raincoaster’s right: it’s there, but it’s white on white.

    @eternalflowers: What exactly did you upload and where did you expect it to show up? The “blog picture” (or “blavatar”) is the little icon that shows up in the address bar of the browser, before “http”. Is that what you wanted?


    Thanks for all this. I had uploaded a png file, an image of the Armenian Eternal Flower. I did want it to show as the “blavatar.” I’m thinking that it may be too big, and that I should delete it and try another. When Raincoaster suggested changing the name, is the name change referring to the image or to my site? Again, many thanks!


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    Change the image name.


    Best upload a png that will need no cropping (128×128 pixels); cropping often doesn’t work.

    But what color was the one you tried? Because you did get something there. Can you upload it and insert it in a page of your blog, or upload it and paste the URL here, so we can see it?


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    Another thing I (only vaguely remember) is that I had trouble with png format (in Photoshop) for the blavatar when I first uploaded mine. Can you convert/save it from a different image editing program, or make it a jpeg (or gif)? If I recall, there were some issues about transparency of png s??? It has been a while for me making the blavataar and my memory is good—good and short. ;-)


    Once again, many thanks for everyone’s help. I’ve removed and upload a new JPEG image. Let’s see if this one works…

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