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    Hi, I chose different theme for my second blog from my first. First is Quintus and photos come out big. The second is Book Lite which I am very happy with as like my header. If I make Quintus into Book Lite the photos stay big. If I make Book Lite into Quintus they stay small. I’d like the same size photos in both or a suggestion for the second blog in which I could retain the Book Lite header but get bigger photos. Where am I going wrong? Can anyone advise? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    It really depends on how big (pixel dimensions) the images you uploaded were and at what size you inserted them into your posts.


    Thanks Jennifer. The picture sizes are the same for both blogs so I expected them to be the same. I don’t want to have to keep changing the size between blogs. Is there any way around this?



    Please provide the URLs for the images you refer to on the two different blogs you refer to.



    Note that every theme has a maximum displayed image width and that varies form theme to theme. Lately we have experienced bloggers who by analogy expect to be able to fit Mac Truck and semi-trailer unit sized images right out of their cameras into what amounts to Vespa sized parking spaces in their blogs.
    size: 1,729.76 KB (1,771,273 bytes) That’s HUGE.
    dimensions: 1,770px × 1,851px (scaled to 525px × 550px)

    Prior to uploading any image into your blog, regardless if it’s a header image, a featured image, an image in a post or page, in a Post format (Gallery or Image), an image for sidebar display in an image widget or a text widget, you can optimize and re-size it in either a desktop image editing software or online image editing software to fit the space you intend to use it in.

    Doing that means the image quality will not be reduced, you will not waste your media upload space and you will not be troubleshooting images.



    Maximum displayed image width (Quintus)
    Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):
    The main column max width is 640, with a responsive design.
    The header image is 1100 by 250 (width, height).
    The main column on the full-width template for pages is 940.

    Maximum displayed image width (Book-Lite)
    Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)
    The main column width is 750
    The footer sidebar widths change depending on the number of active sidebars:
    With three sidebars active, the width is 240
    With two sidebars active, the width is 240
    With one sidebar active, the width is 750

    Hope this helps.


    Dear timethief,
    I appreciate your response and all the help. I’m a bit useless at images, aren’t I? I just upload each image as it comes. I hadn’t changed the basic image dimensions. I do like the bigger image as my Book Lite pictures are of maps and the place names are indistinguishable. I found a very big difference in Quintus between the large and the medium sizes so that’s why I stuck to large mostly. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind spelling out step by step what I should do with each photo and when in order to set the optimum dimensions for my pictures whether I post in miladysboudoir or in schiersdelight. Again, much appreciated, Barbara



    I described what to do above here
    Presize and optimize every image to fir the space you are aiming to upload it into, prior to uploading it. I provided a link to a post of mine above. If you click through that posts provides links to both free desktop applications you can use to do that and to free online image editing sites you can use to do that.



    edit: replace “fir” with “fit”



    If I make Quintus into Book Lite the photos stay big. If I make Book Lite into Quintus they stay small.

    1. As Jennifer said, this isn’t theme dependent: it depends on what option you select when you insert the images and on how wide the originals are. If you select the “full size” option, and the original is wider than the main column of the theme, the inserted version will be as wide as possible (= as wide as the main column).

    I’d like the same size photos in both

    2. If by “same size” you mean as big as possible, see #1. If you mean exactly the same size, then naturally full-width images cannot be exactly the same when the one theme is narrower than the other: exactly the same would require inserting versions that are narrower than the width of the narrower theme. (I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for, is it?)

    I found a very big difference in Quintus between the large and the medium sizes

    3. These options aren’t immutable: you can, or rather you must, change them.
    When you are about to insert an image, you get four size options: thumbnail, medium, large and full size. Full size means original width, if the original is narrower than the maximum the theme allows, or downsized to that maximum, if the original is wider. The defaults for the other three options are set by you in Settings > Media, and they should take into account the width of the theme: for example, the width for the large option could be set to around 3/4 of the main column and the width for the medium option to around 1/2 of the main column. As timethief showed, the width of the main column in Quintus is 750px, so I’d probably set the default widths like this: large around 650, medium around 400, thumbnail around 150 or 200 – or whatever looks better after I try it.


    Thank you all for these helpful comments. I think I worked it out now. But in so doing I now have a Picasa full of photos so what with that and my iPhoto I have rather a lot of duplicated pictures on my laptop. Also I could not find where to optimise photos in Picasa. As you probably guessed I’m not technically minded. I think Picasa may just complicate things for me so I will try to delete it from my machine. Thanks again for all your time and help.

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