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    I recently started using the Blogstomp app which allows you to quickly add a border/logo to your photos all in one step. For some reason, when I upload these “stomped” photos into my media gallery and then try to insert them into my post…the “Large” size option isn’t available. Small, Medium, and full size are the only options…and the “full size” selection doesn’t even do that….it inserts the photo very small. Does anyone use blogstomp and have this same problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have never heard of or used Blogstomp. Maximum displayed image size on the Pilcrow theme see here >

    What I experienced was a very long page loading time due to too many posts with too many large images in them on your front page. Page loading time is a page ranking factor. Please reduce the number of posts displaying on your front page > Settings > Reading and consider inserting “the more tag” into your posts so only an excerpt displays on the front page and visitors click a read more link to view the whole post on it’s own page.


    “Full-size” doesn’t necessarily mean original size, it means maximum that fits in the theme you’re using.
    Whether “Large” will show up or not depends on the size of the original as well as the size you set as your default Large option in Settings>Media.

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