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    I wanted to create a slide show of photos on my blog, but I don’t see the slide show option anymore. I was able to create a gallery & insert the individual photos, but its just displaying them each individually instead of in a slide show format. Help?

    The blog I need help with is



    nevermind, I found it :)



    Good to know and best wishes with your blog.


    I use the slideshow option a lot (or did) ; can you tell me where this option exists now. I have a gallery of photos but cant insert them into the post as a slideshow …



    Your slideshows will still display all the images attached to a post or a page. You can add a slideshow to a post or page by typing the shortcode [slideshow] into the Text window. You can find more detailed instructions on our Slideshow support page.

    For more on the media handling changes see the sticky post at the head of the forum.


    Thanks – Suppose I should have said …. I used to CREATE slideshows using WordPress. I tried inserting the [Slideshow] into a blog but nothing happens



    There is no capital letter “S”.
    Don’t change the code.
    It’s [slideshow]


    Worked 1st time !!!!



    Yay! I love happy endings. :)


    It still doesn’t work for me. I followed the directions. Uh!



    What exactly doesn’t work for you? Note that we cannot do this for you. If you want help then explain what you do step by step so we can determine what’s wrong.


    I got it to work but its not obvious. Create a post. Then upload photos (they will have automatic ticks in the corner showing they are the selected collection). You then (counter intuitively) close the Media window without doing anything.

    Return to the post and type in [slideshow] and miraculously the slideshow of photos does appear as it used to. Previous method was miles better (and for Galleries too] but it does work.


    Got it to work. I think what was happening is that i had other photos selected from another post and it wasn’t posting in new post. Thank you for your quick reply. All The Best!

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