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    I am having trouble with photo spacing. When I upload, it is putting a lot of space between photos and text that I did not want or do. Any ideas why it is adding extra space where I only wanted a single space? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    First off, go to settings > reading and decrease the number of posts you have showing on the main page to something like 3. You just used up a ton of my limited bandwidth waiting for your site to load and if I go over it costs me $$$.

    The wordpress editor has been acting completely nuts lately and adding in extra blank paragraphs between things.

    Open the post, switch to the HTML tab and take out the extra lines between the images and the text.

    If they actually showed all the code instead of hiding it from us, it would look like this



    I’m enjoying your photos. I’m originally from Wyoming and many of the places you went in Yellowstone I’ve hiked.



    Excellent! Thanks for the advice. It worked like a charm.


    You’re welcome.



    I was just going to report this problem and found many others already on the trail. Let me add one piece of info that may help WordPress to correct this problem.

    In the space of half an hour at around 11 AM Pacific time today I entered three postings in a row. The first one appears without the extra spacing around the pictures, the second one has no pictures, and the third one shows those spacings everywhere.

    Thus, you must have introduced the quixotic program code just in that time frame. I hope it will soon be corrected.



    Now at 21:00 PM Pacific time, the code has just been restored, and I thank you for the fast action. Problem resolved.



    NO! I thought it was done, but it wasn’t. Today at 11 AM Pacific time, the pictures on my uploaded post were again adorned with an extra half inch blank frame above and below every picture. So it is obviously an intermittent problem. And as such it may be with us for a very long time and we will have to remove them manually in the manner thesacredpath so well described for us here above.

    The bug can be managed – it is only a nuisance.

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