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Photo static pages

  1. Is there a way for my photo pages to show as they do in galleries i.e. a slide-show? I would really love my pics to be presented that way when someone clicks on ONE photo..thanks for your time and input!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. rain-I'm reading this a little differently.

    @kh1313- are you asking how you can have your single images appear in the Photo Carousel when clicked, like they do in the Gallery feature? If so, it's possible, but it means messing about in the Text/Code Editor after inserting the image.

  3. Having looked now at one of your photo pages (Fauna), I see that you have entirely bypassed using the Gallery. Have you tried using the Gallery feature with it enabled in your Media settings? You can use this feature also on pages, not just posts.

  4. Thanks all, I was able to get the page to show a slide show which was great, but unlike a regular post gallery, I was unable to click on an individual photo to see it enlarged. Hmmmm. I did set it as "gallery", and "slide show", but as I said, then my viewers are unable to click on an image and see full size.

  5. I was able to get the page to show a slide show...

    Which page exactly are you referring to? Give us the direct link.

  6. I was able to get my "Clouds and Skies" to show a slide show, but only in a small box on my page. There was no way to click on a single photo and show it in full size. With the post I made on my Front page and made a gallery, the thumbnails when clicked open a full-size slide show with black background. I'm lost lol. I would just love to have all the thumbnails on each static page, and when clicked have it start the slide show. If you look at this post, you'll see what I mean. Sorry, I'm really lame about this stuff still.
    This is the way I would like my static pages of photos to show.

  7. I got it! Now, if I can just remember how for my other pages. justjennifer, thank you so much!

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