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  1. I have a photoblog. Now maybe I don't have the right theme for this (Coraline) but I'd love to have a few large thumbnails from past posts near the top of the page that are linked to that post. Right now I have the widget that links to past posts, but I'd like to have pictures there instead. Like a sortof mini gallery widget. Also, it would be nice if the current "image" widget allowed for a slideshow instead of a single image.

    Also a bit of feedback: I don't like the new reader. I don't like that people can see all of the images in large thumbnails so they don't need to go to my actually page to see them. And I don't like how they can "like" the post without going to the page. I get a bunch of likes, but no page views.
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  2. Why don't you switch themes to one that provides what you are asking for? There are themes that do have post sliders and other ways of featuring posts built-in to the theme.
    photoblogging themes >
    themes with posts sliders>
    featured images >

    P.S. Flickr widget >

  3. You can have a slidehshow in any theme and the Modularity Lite theme has a front page slideshow >

  4. Thanks! I figured I would have to change themes to get what I want but was hoping for another option. The flickr widget and post slideshow your talking about aren't quite what I'm looking for so i suppose I'll start theme shopping.

  5. Best wishes with that. :)

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