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Photo won't "stick" to my sidebar--please help

  1. Until a few days ago I had an image in the sidebar of the main page, but then I decided to change it. That’s when the problems began.

    The image will not “stick” to the sidebar on my main page. Using the Media upload function, I uploaded the image as a jpg. In the Media Library I went to Edit and saved the image URL. Then, in Appearance, I went to Widgets and dragged the image icon from the main body of the widget page to the right where the sidebar content is stacked. I then pasted the URL of the image into the designated field. I then aligned the image, sized it, saved it, and then click on Visibility. I select Open > Page > Page, then re-save.

    Then when I view the page, image appears, but only the first time. When I then open either of my static pages (where everything is just fine) and then go back to my main page, the image is gone! Closing down and reopening my blog, it’s still gone. The only way I can bring it back is to delete the image, re-upload it and repeat the routine. But it will only appear one time.

    To make certain it’s not my computer, I’ve gone through this on two different computers with exactly the same results.

    Can anyone provide any insight here?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. This question has already been answered in your Private Support thread. Feel free to continue the discussion there.

  3. Actually, I would say it has not been answered. I had a couple of responses from hypertextranch, but they don't really address the issue, or if they did, it was in technical language I don't really understand. He has not replied to my follow-up to what he posted.

  4. The last reply in that thread is from hypertextranch, 23 hours ago. Could you please check and make sure you've seen it?

  5. That's odd. I was supposed to get a notification of his latest reply via email, and I didn't. But going back to that thread, I see he actually did reply. I will now attempt to follow his latest instructions and reply to him.

    Thanks for looking into this.

  6. No problem. I hope you get it sorted.

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