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  1. michelatreides

    Cheers guys!

    I'm blogging a while now, but i'm having a lack of criticism to my blog. I would like to hear some opinions.
    What can I do better?

    Too les descriptions and text?
    Photos too small?
    Boring content?

    Let me know what you would change with this blog !

    Thanks, Michel

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there! I think your blog looks great! But, just so you can make it more appealing to the everyday reader, I would suggest changing your theme to something with a little more color to make it more inviting for the reader (i.e. Quintus, Mystique, Selecta, etc). Also, you may want to expand to your about page. People like to know whose stuff their reading and why they should read it.

    As far as the content goes, I think it is very interesting, being that I am into photography myself. Something optional that you could do to encourage others to continue reading is add a story here and there, whether it's about one of the photos themselves or about your travels. Take you readers with you wherever you go. :)

    I hope that this was helpful to you!

  3. michelatreides

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I will go deeper into the writing. You're right. Maybe the descriptions are a bit too short. I'll try to write little stories around the photos.

    As well I'll check the themes with colors!

    THANKS !

  4. I like your blog! It has great photos/content. If you want more opinions, I suggest opening your blog to comments. When I went to comment, it said "comments closed". If you want to make it more interesting just think out of the box, photograph something a little different or out of the ordinary. Anyways, I enjoyed my visit!

  5. michelatreides

    Thanks for your reply. I kept the comments off, because I don't like to control all the content, that the readers write.
    I wanted to have focus on my photos - not on something else.

    Anyway - I'll try in future to defiantly photograph something different. little short stories with people =)

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