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    I searched the forums to see if someone else had already posted about this but couldn’t find anything, so here goes…

    I have a photoblog and I’m using the WordPress template designed specifically for photoblogging. It has a lot of great features and looks pretty good too.

    There’s one thing missing, though: there are some very popular photoblogging community aggregator sites out there like and in particular VFXY, but to participate you have to put a very small “image” link on your photoblog. Thing is, it’s next to impossible to include these links on the WordPress template, because there’s no place to put widgets. I’ve tried including the links on my “About” page but sadly they don’t work.

    So, WordPress, if you ever decide to create a new photoblog template, please can you take this into consideration…? These sites are really popular and helping people use them would encourage lots more people to use WordPress, I’m sure.

    Thanks :)



    Yeah, I had to change themes from Monotone to another one to be able to post these buttons and have some sidebar widgets.



    You can do that with Monotone on an independently-hosted blog, but not here.



    Thanks for the replies.

    It’s a shame because Monotone has some great features and looks lovely.

    I hope that WordPress will get around to improving it to include these features, though.

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