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    So, I remember a while ago that Donncha mentioned there weren’t enough photoblogging themes and none on

    Having recently finished a small project to design a custom theme for a friend I am up for a challenge.

    The challenge is to build a photoblog theme for wordpress, specifically for others to use.

    As photobloggers what would you like to see in a photoblog theme? Aside from the usual widgets, custom header etc.

    My preference for a decent photoblog is a minimalist black theme with basic sidebar, one image (post) displayed at a time with enough space for (say) an 800px image.

    What say you?

    I am hoping to start on this in the next couple of days and then submit it for staff review in the next couple of weeks.




    an option for thumbnail posts; gategorized thumbnails …



    Suggest optional background choice either black or white.



    A page template where all of the pictures for a month are losted in thumbnail form with links to their full sized version. :)



    The Rubric theme by Hadley Wickham could be used for a Photoblog.
    The pen picture can be replaced by anything else or leave as blank.


    it depends how you use it.

    if you’re always using the picture uploader to add an image to a post, then it’s possible to grab thumbnails and link to full size posts.

    if you ever use a flickr photo, or some other photo, there won’t be an attachment for that post, and the theme can’t grab a thumbnail. i suppose the theme could be set to fall back to displaying the excerpt of the post…



    I am sure that previously people may have posted this but here are a few photoblogging theme ideas. I have used pixelpost platform as a photoblogging option for 2 years and have used various photoblogging themes available, so probably I can comment here :)
    Luckily I saw this thread as I am reviving my interest in photography and it would be a fantastic Idea to have “photoblog only” them.

    1) Clean single column interface with optional background colors
    2) A very slim (30 – 60 pixel) header bar, so does not eat up the space while viewing the photo.
    3) Photo could have max of 750 pixel width.
    4) Click on the photo will take you to earlier photo (Considering that only one photo-one post-is visible as it is a norm with photoblogging)
    5) previous/ next buttons just next to the photo
    6) About/archives/categories etc links appearing horizontally in one line at the bottom
    7) probably thumnails to previous and next posts
    8) sidebar widgets at the bottom of the page

    As mentioned these options are for single image/post style of photoblogging as is the norm with photobloggers…
    You can visit free photoblogging solutions like or (THis is an open source photoblogging platform and they have free downloadable themes. you could probably customize one of those….)

    Hoping to have a photoblog theme soon….



    These themes: Shocking Blue Green, Silver is the New Black and WordPress Classic allow the largest space for images without breaking the layout – 800 pixels. They also lack large “header” spaces but they do have sidebars.
    Perhaps you would like to peruse the FAQs entry for the maximum sizes that can be used for for the various themes without “breaking” the layout



    Thanks timethief for the link….



    I guess…creating a WP theme for photo blogging cuts into their revenues from CSS upgrade, so I do not see a possibility of they having a photoblog specific theme…

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