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Photobucket code?

  1. I would like to post an image from photobucket, but when I put the <a href = tag in my blog entry it doesn't post the image. Instead it just posts the entire <a href = code with a link to my image.

    I also tried using the URL code and the IMG code.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  2. My money is on you're using the visual editor with the code and visual tabs. Try entering it on the code tab.

  3. I have a mac and post an image logo from photobucket on each post. I was using safari browser and it worked fine. But then other things on wordpress didn't work as well on safari so I downloaded firefox. But.....i could not get the image to post even when I did it on the code tab. So I use safari to post my logo and edit on firefox if I need to.


    Okay, drmike, here it is! I figured out how to add the photos - thank you!

    But, now, can you tell why it is not stacking them up properly. There should be 5 photos - one on top of the other. I used the "left" option for placement & it shows up fine in the editor, but when I publish it you can see it's all messed up.


  5. Only method we've worked out is to put in lots of <p> </p>'s in there to force it.

  6. Thank you -- that worked! :)

  7. I use Photobucket all the time with the Visual editor and I just take the URL (the first of the three lines of code it gives you) and put that in the pop-up box. And you can get them to stack by aligning them all left, right or center with a page return between each. If you want to be totally sure, make sure to align it with the options in the box AND the column icons on top. I don't know why but that makes the difference.

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