Photobucket slideshow and google form not show up

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    One day I was able to embed photobucket slideshow and google form in my posts. Now photobucket doesn’t give an option to get shortcode for wordpress and google form codes don’t produce any form in the post.

    What happenned?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can embed a photobucket slideshow by copypasting the code they provide and changing this:
    <embed etc etc etc etc wmode="transparent" />
    to this:
    [gigya etc etc etc etc wmode="transparent" ]
    Paste into HTML post editor.



    Oh my, I’ve tried and it works !! Thanks for your answer.

    Now only 1 problem, the google form that doesn’t show.


    I have also been trying to embed a google docs form. I can embed a spreadsheet and a normal document, but when I paste in the embed code exactly as described in nothing shows up. I’ve found other forums that describe fixes for various documents, but nothing on embedding a form.



    WordPress engineer already answered my question, saying that iframe codes are removed from supported list for security reasons. The only option now is to use a link to direct readers to the form.



    THere are two other threads on the front page about it not working. I’d abandon it for now.



    Thank you, this helped a lot.



    Now I found answer to embed google form. When you paste iframe code in html editor it will transform it to wordpress shortcode. Then you have to edit the short code and delete the word spreadsheet from the phrase “spreadsheet/form”. Then the code will work.

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