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    Hi, I first started on wordpress using the Duotone which is fantastic for photoblogging but very limiting in terms of widgets and customizing ability. One thing I did like about the Duotone these was that it automatically displayed data based on photo such as Camera type, ISO, resolution, Focal length etc.

    I am currently using the Vigilance theme and I know it is not built in, but is there any way around this? Does have a feature that can automatically include this info in the posts or below each photo?

    If not, can someone suggest a simple manual way to do this?


    The blog I need help with is



    Sadly, there isn’t. The only theme here at the moment that displays any kind of EXIF data automatically is Duotone.

    On my photoblog, using The Journalist 1.3, I simply copy out the info from my image editing program and then paste it into the editor. Not elegant by a long shot.



    I am using Duotone theme as well and I absolutely love how it displays the camera info [aperture, ISO] however it only displayed on the my first post, how can I fix this?



    Duotone will only display the data if it’s present in the file. If you are using an image editor to resize or work on your photos before uploading them to your site, be careful how you save the resulting file. The “Save for Web” option usually strips out the EXIF data.

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