photographs reduced significantly in past posts….

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    I just today posted a new post with a picture and the picture is the larger size I remember posting in former posts. However, so wondering why the pictures in my former posts have all been REDUCED significantly. Is there a storage problem? I am very disappointed in the quality of these past posts as they did not look this way formerly. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    The blog I need help with is



    there is no automatic resizing going on in your older posts; there would be no storage problem

    I did some testing with the Twenty Ten theme and did not see any problems; is there any particular pattern to the size reduction that you notice?



    Thanks for responding, Bobbol.

    The size of pix of past post show a reduction to about l/4th to l/5th the size (maybe smaller) as they were when originally posted. The only way a particular pattern can be expressed

    “is that the pictures in past posts are significantly reduced.”

    A new post was just posted by me tonight and the accompanying pic is regular/normal size as past post once were.

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