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    Hello–I want to enhance the seo on photo only blog. Unfortunately, the photos have no words accompanying them as per request of the photographer. What are best practices for seo in this blog realm? Any leads, articles of info would be helpful. BTW, this a site.



    The blog I need help with is



    Note this please > We don’t provide such advice on the forums as doing so would create either discussion threads or blog promotion threads and we are not allowed to create either of those. These forums are for support issue only.



    you could use the Alt. Text field for a picture to put a bit of information – title or something for a search engine to understand what the picture is about – Alt. Text does not display for visitors but search engines read the field – you could also try putting a good name for the file name not the standard numbers with a couple of letters (DSCN0002346.jpg for one of my cameras)

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