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  1. jameskennyphotography

    Hi everyone,

    I need to set up some sort of website/blog as fast as possible before I apply for a job in a couple of weeks. Basically all of the options offered as themes by WP (that i've seen anyway) are pretty crap - there was one I found called grace which needed to be installed via FTP or some other complex route and I am at my wits end!! All i want is a space to store my photos in a way that looks good and is easy to navigate. From what i can tell the users ability to install a theme has either been taken away or its pretty damn hard... I would consider even buying a theme from or somewhere but I'm pretty sure if I did I wouldn't be able to make it work!!

    ARGH HELP!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. jameskennyphotography

    crucially - its a photography blog - in case u missed that!

  3. users have over 150 themes available to them via their Dashboards>Appearance, including premium themes for an extra fee.

    If you need a different theme other than those, then you will want to look at self-hosting a standalone install of the software.

    A little more about the differences between and

  4. Here is a list of the themes tagged "photography" though I have seen many other themes used well for photograph-centric blogs.

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