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Photography Critique

  1. Hey everyone, I would like to see if all the photographers and artist here on wordpress could give me a critque. I am fairly new to photography and would like some input.

    here is the link to my site:

  2. Looks amazong to me, but I no nothing ;-)

    I moved your post to Ideas.

    Also please do not duplicate your posts. I have removed your comment from Photoblogs.

  3. Just don't post anything bigger than 500 pixels wide or else your sidebar will end up on the bottom of your site. And thumbnails are usually favored by people with dial-up so they can access a site better.

  4. Here are two reference threads that may be of interest.
    (1) sizes for images for each theme
    (2) optimizing images
    Happy Blogging!

  5. Are you looking for critique of the photos or the blog?

    Yes, it's a serious question!


  6. I have a couple of very quick suggestions (photos a re great by the way!)

    1. Change the theme so it's only show one post.

    2. Buy the CSS upgrade and change the theme width so it allows the posting of bigger images.

    3. insert one image per post.

    4. Specifically ask for critique if that's want you want.

    5. You might also want to look at some of the critiquing (is that a word???) groups on flickr.


  7. Further from this, I think I'm going to try and develop a very basic photoblog theme and see if the staff will insert it to

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