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    I’m a photojournalist using the “photography” theme.

    The theme states that “the home page images are 948 by 534.”

    Is there absolutely, positively no way around this? I want my home page to cycle through my portfolio images, but that size/shape is very awkward and results in chopped off heads, etc. and I can’t use half of the photos I need to.

    I am pretty frustrated and feel that a photography theme that crops your images is a bit counter-productive. Photographers are pretty exact in their image cropping choices. The site is

    Any ideas? Please?

    The blog I need help with is


    I tried a little CSS to change the height to 100%, but it only sort of worked so this would take some doing. It would require the Custom Design upgrade and then some CSS tweaking at the very least, and I’m not entirely sure if I can overcome all the issues. If the size for the images is set in the PHP script theme files, then no matter what I did in the CSS, the height would be what it was originally, and that is a distinct possibility.

    I agree with you at least to a large extent, but one of the things that always bother me considerably on slideshows is when the size of the slideshow is constantly changing because all the images are different sizes either in height, width, or both. Of course perhaps that is just me, and is one of the reasons I seldom use slideshows for client photography sites where they have a lot of different size an proportion photos. If all their shots are full-frame, then ok, but if no, no slideshows, or perhaps just a few images that are the same proportions.


    With the custom design upgrade, I can adjust things, but what I don’t know is if you can actually insert an image that is longer or shorter than the 534px value. If you want to try adding one that is longer and then post back here and let me know it is up, I can then try the CSS changes using Firebug for Firefox and see if I can get the entire image to show. If the theme PHP script files and wordpress are limiting the height of the images, then there will be nothing I can do about it.

    At least at that point we will know if the CSS upgrade would be an option or not.

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