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Photography Theme Suggestion

  1. I would LOVE to see a new FREE photography theme that included this kind of gallery/montage either on it's front page or after a static front page. This is just absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely use that theme.

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. All themes display galleries that way if you select the option "Tiled Mosaic" when you insert a gallery in a post or a static page.
    The default front of Autofocus is also styled that way:

  4. I just 'tested' the Autofocus theme and it doesn't really display images in their original format in a thumbnail, rather it cuts/slices them into what appears to be a pre formatted size? Not sure why but the 'try' view didn't display my images correctly.

    I do see what you mean though by using the Tiled Mosaic function for a gallery. I hadn't thought about that. I suppose I could create a very large gallery using that format and make a static front page. That's something I think I'm definitely going to play around with. Thanks so much for the idea!

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