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    U have wonderful blog. It is possible to load photos from computer by BROWSING (Browse). It will easier for simple users like me, instead of using URLS.



    Not sure what you are asking. The browse button is there when I write my posts.



    Yes, it’s possible to use the browse button to upload photos from your own computer into your blog. One does not have to send out every photo they have to photobucket or flikr and then provide the URL and upload them from the net. I upload photos from my computer directly to my blog all the time. In most cases it’s a smooth process however, there are times when things aren’t so smooth at WordPress so be patient. This morning for example I got a number of annoying of “connection reset to server” type messages just after I clicked the upload button. After several unsuccesful uploads where my photos seemed to diasapper into the mist after I uploaded them, successfully sent them to the editor, and hit the save button I was royally ticked off. But I waited awhile, had a cup of tea and tried again and I was successful. Also know that there are “angel geeks” who watch the forum and who will come to your aid, provided you have read the documentation and FAQ and followed the instructions to the letter without success. Go for it!


    Perhaps you want to put pix in your blogroll? As far as I know (I don’t do that, you see), you do need a URL there – but it would be nice if you could just browse /upload there as well.

    If you don’t need a lot of pix in your sidebar, check out the widgets. Maybe you can use something there? They’re pretty neat and they will certainly get even better.



    Not sure why you’re using URLs. There’s a method to directly upload pictures to your blog.



    Dr. Mike,
    I have followed your “method” to the letter and the first photo uploaded without any issues. I then typed some more verbage and began to upload a second photo.
    The second photo does not list the six options and therefore is missing the “thumbnail option”. Even when I click on the thumbnail picture, it still does not show the thumbnail option, only the “link to” options of “file, page or none”.
    I am confused as to how to make this work as I would like to “fill the page with my photos” in thumbnail view only.
    I am still using the Andreas09 theme and would appreciate your expertise in uploading more than one photo to the same page.



    I have successfully loaded severl pictures but still have some issues:
    1) Not every photo uploaded becomes visible
    2) Not every photo loaded shows the “thumbnail option
    3) Most photos get put at the begining of the post and not where the cursor has been placed (and not touched again till after uploading).
    4) Copy and paste to move the photo only works sometimes

    Again I have followed your method several times and seem to be only successful a few times. Not sure what else to do and wonder if the theme has issues with this?
    Thanks for your help and hope you had a great holiday.




    That method is nearly six months out of date. There’s an updated one in the FAQ.

    The uploading has nothing to do with the theme as it only concerns backend files.

    You need to give specifics on the thumbnail issue. Filename, filesize, extentions, browser, browser version, which editor you’re using, etc.

    The “every photo visable” issue is known. That’s why you use alt and title descriptions. That’s good coding anyway and you should be doing that anyway. :)

    #3 – you need to click the cursor within your post beforehand to where you want the picture within the post body to show your browser where you want it.

    Can’t really help unless we get more specific details. (I think I’m going to make that a sticky)




    I keep trying to upload a picture and when I do the image will not come up. Just the .jpg code for the image in a little box comes up. Can any one help?


    There are others reporting problems uploading and inserting images in this thread:

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