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    I have had a few people tell me that the photos on my food website appear elongated….however, on my Mac, they look perfect. Take for example, the post of the girl holding the peach. It is perfectly round as I see it but two people have told me it is egg shaped. Is there something wrong with my site? Why would different people view my page differently?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m using firefox12 and I don’t see any problem at all. However, you may find that images you re-size after uploading into your blog lose some color and sharpness. If you want better image quality and don’t want to wate you image storage space. See: Uploading HUGE images is not the way to go and that’s what your are doing. Example: 1,024px × 685px (scaled to 810px × 542px)


    Should all of my images be scaled to 810 X 542? New to this….would I just pull up each photo and resize them? Will it mess up images I’ve already cropped?



    See here for the maximum displayed image width of the theme you are using >


    I’ve gone in and adjusted the majority of my photos to that size but when I try to do the others, it says, “unable to save the image” after I adjusted it to 810 X 542. Do you know why it would say that? I’ve tried several more and get the same thing, although it has managed to save the first 50 or so that I’ve adjusted.



    Can you look @ my website again….I have gone in and clicked on each photo and under advanced options made it 810X542 but now my text and photos don’t stretch across my blog page….compare the chicken friend steak photos to the rhubarb bar photos and text and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Did I do this wrong? I think I have now messed up my page…is there an easy way to get it back the way it was?

    Do I need to instead fix the photo issue via another software and am I cropping the photos to 810 X 542 and then uploading them into my page and selecting full size or am I scaling it? I’m so frustrated I feel like erasing it all and starting again….



    1) What do you mean by “stretch across my blog page”? You have a sidebar, so the images aren’t supposed to stretch across the page, they’re supposed to stretch across the post column.

    2) As timethief pointed out, the files you’ve been uploading are huge: the ones I checked are 1.9 or 2.3 MB each, 2853 or 3872 px wide – while the maximum for the theme you’re using is 560 px. When you upload such huge files you simply waste your storage space and increase the loading time of your pages. For future posts at least, the ideal thing to do would be to use an image editing application or an online tool to downsize copies of your images to a width of 560px and upload/insert those copies (selecting the Full Size option).

    3) There’s no point making the images clickable – see here:

    4) Endless scrolling down isn’t very user friendly. You can use the read-more tag to display only the beginning of each post on your main page – see here:

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