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photos are being made narrow when published

  1. Hello.

    I've always liked using wide photos on my site, typically around 850-900, even though my theme keeps my text to a narrow 625 for some reason. (maybe from the old days when people used tiny monitor screens...) The large photos are nice, but today the theme has been re-sizing the photos down to 625 width, keeping the aspect ratio. Is there a change to my theme (Vigilance) that forced this after a couple of years of it working so well? If so, is there a way to change it back? If not, do I have to pick a new theme? I'd like to stick with Vigilance if possible.

    Thank you in advance for any ideas you might have.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have been having almost the same problem with my wordpress theme (Structure) when I scale a image it does not save it and use it as a featured image.

    The site I am having problems with is

  3. I found that the photos are the correct size when I edit an existing post at or if I edit one via LiveWriter. The photos are then made narrow when published.

    Viewing my blog on a few different browsers, on a PC or a Mac, the problem still exists.

    Could it have something to do with the new Infinite Scroll feature of the Vigilance theme?

    The wide photos are something that I really enjoy sharing on my blog, as the narrow ones just don't have the same impact on the screen. Any help in fixing this would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Did you check the settings here? Settings > Media

  5. Hello Timethief, and thank you for your help. I checked on the Media Settings, they are set to a max width of 1024, and haven't been adjusted in almost three years.

    The wide images have been working fine until very recently. I just noticed it yesterday, and was wondering if the theme had been updated recently. But I'm unsure how to check on that, or how to change it back. I'd really like to stick with this theme and not get into a custom layout if possible.

    Is there anything else you can think of for me to check?
    Thanks again.

  6. I'm sorry but I have no other ideas.

  7. OK, thanks for trying. Is there a way to contact whomever takes care of the themes to ask them if they have modified Vigilance in the recent past? That seems like the most direct way to get it changed back to what it has been.

    Barring that, do you know if there is a simple way to choose a new theme that allows for photos that are wider than the text width? Or better yet, a theme that allow me to set the text width and the photo width to be whatever I choose?

    I should just hire somebody to create custom CSS for me. :)

  8. I flagged this thread so it gets moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff can address this issue.

  9. thanks again Timethief!

  10. Hi there,

    Unfortunately, the way your images were displaying (larger than 625px wide) was the result of a bug that we deployed a fix for 5 weeks ago. By default, a theme should not allow images to display wider than the content width to prevent overflowing onto other elements on a page, such as the sidebar.

    If you would like to display images that are wider than 625px, I would recommend trying one of a number of our themes with a wider content width.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

  11. Wow, that is a big disappointment. What I thought of as a feature, you considered a bug. Viewing images at 625 is silly on a 1920x1080p laptop. It worked really well too, I just set the first photo to be 625 to stay out of the short sidebar, then the rest of each blog article could have images at say 950 to fill up the screen and to show small details in the photographs.

    Now I need to find a new theme after using this one happily for almost 3 years? I don't suppose that any of them will allow me to do what I liked, that is to have 900 or 1000pixel wide images.

    Thanks for your reply anyway. If you know of any themes that are are suitable, please let me know. I'm really not looking forward to starting over on the setup after all this time.


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