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    When a reader clicks a photo on my blog, it shows up wrong; you’ll have to click on it to see what I mean.

    Any idea why this is happening, and how to fix it?


    The blog I need help with is



    A click on link: less work for the unpaid helpers to see your site.

    Is the picture being behind the sidebar the issue? Above my pay-grade other than to suggest you open the picture in a separate window.



    Oops, thanks for linking. Sorry.

    And yes, it’s about the pics opening behind the sidebar. They didn’t used to do that, it just happened one day, and I can’t figure out why.



    Are they set to Open as Page, or Open as File? If the latter, you just get the pic not the frame. Staff have probably been tinkering with your defaults, so just edit the pix to Link to File, and that should prevent it from re-occurring.


    @janaemonir: You have the CSS upgrade, don’t you? My guess is you’ve changed the number in Appearance > Edit CSS > “Limit width to [n] pixels for videos, full size images, and other shortcodes”.



    I will try both suggestions, thank you!

    (and yes, I do have the upgrade and did recently tinker with the CSS — I probably did something silly to it without realizing; typical! :)


    You’ve made the main column a bit wider but probably set a disproportionate number in the “Limit width” field: it should be no more than 534.

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