Photos coming up blank?

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    It probably means we are best served by bombarding the head of fault management with direct complaints!

    But to the bod you spoke to it means just a few extra mouse clicks added to his day……………………Next!



    I just called them and wouldn’t you know my phone died on me! (I think I’m repelling technology today).

    The person I spoke to had no idea about it and told me to contact WP; I tried explaining that it appears to be a Sky issue but the people at the coal-face clearly haven’t been told anything about it yet.

    If anyone does get a name or an email address that may be more effective please can you let us know so we can go in mob-handed :o)


    I have to say I didn’t feel like a special customer, he left the conversation with ‘don’t worry we’ll get it sorted’. That’s ok then.



    The same thing has happened to me
    was fine the other day, but someone commented on an old post which drew my attention to the images disappearing. Today, they’ve all gone. Went on a fellow wordpress bloggers site and same thing, though others have critiqued a painting – which I can’t see! I blog every day and use a lot of images. Don’t know what to do now, please help me?


    I just got this on another site that is having this issue:

    Sky Broadband users:

    We understand that Sky Broadband users are having issues connecting to ProBoards forums. Being that users of other internet service providers are not having similar issues, and after much investigating, we believe this to be an issue on Sky’s end.

    We have spoken on the phone to Sky tech support about this issue and they are investigating it. They indicated that they hoped the issue would be resolved by 6pm GMT, however gave no promises and could not identify the exact problem while on the phone.

    They did, however, indicate that Sky Broadband users could call in to report this issue which may help expedite the process of resolving the problem.

    If you would like to contact Sky’s tech support to report trouble accessing a forum, here is the details you need:

    Phone #: 08442 410 515 (UK)
    To navigate the menu’s:
    1) Enter your telephone number including STD code
    2) Press 1 (Have a problem with a product)
    3) Press 3 (Sky Broadband)

    Important things to note:

    Nearly every report of a connection problem is coming from Sky Broadband users. All our servers are up and accessible to users of other ISPs.

    We have checked every last firewall setting to ensure that we are not the source of the block.

    If you use a proxy to access your forum it loads fine. Only loading directly has issues.




    I can see your site clearly, as currently I’m not going through Sky.


    Whereas I am on Sky at the mo and I see blank pics on Echostains blog


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    (note that if you are logged-in to you have access to your dashboards as you do while on other blogs.)


    Hey, I’ve had a little look through all the old posts but can’t seem to see a resolve for the initial problem submitted – I too have this problem.

    My blog is: I use the WordPress theme ‘Unsleepable’ and I use Safari.

    I’ve been using my blog for about 6 months now without any problems (with video and images) then I stupidly thought to change my theme, I changed it but then realised I preferred the old one so changed it back, since then I can upload images fine but they don’t appear in the editing version of the post or if I preview it (I could before changing my theme).

    Please please please can someone help? I try and blog regularly and want to post today.

    Many thanks for all your help in advance.



    I am using Tor to route around the problem, which is something that can be done if you’re desperate to see the blocked content.

    It’s a bit slow, though.


    So as things stand on Sky am I right in thinking that you can still upload images and post new posts but you just can’t see the images either in the edit or the post itself? If this is the case, while it’s incredibly annoying at least posts can still be done for non-Sky viewers to view in all their glory.


    Can you not insert any images into new posts or indeed start new posts?

    I know I’ll find this out for myself when I get home but got a busy period coming up and could really do without this.



    Mine’s working, mine’s working!! I have just posted a new post too and all images are showing. Please don’t let me just have jinxed it by shouting out (touches every wood surface in house!).

    Anyone else yet?



    Damn, I want to go home and try it now.

    Touches tree in the distance.



    Let’s hope this was nothing more sinister than wrongly pressed button.


    I’ll wait until I get home to break open the champagne…..


    Do you think there might be a RESOLVED post from WP with an explanation? Just in case it happens again.


    Mines working again

    Just had an update on Sky User Forum

    [QUOTE]The file sharing sites have had their traffic rerouted by Sky now and it all seems to be working again.[

    Judging by the fact the rerouting of Sky’s traffic from one transit provider to another (fibre cable providers who deliver the internet’s traffic) would tend to confirm my theory originally.

    It looks like there was a fault within that network, and absolutely nothing to do with Sky./QUOTE]

    Many thanks to news reader over there for offering advice and guidance.

    Seems like they are able to contact inside Sky tech so a useful resource for Sky ISP users here.


    That is useful thanks – and good luck with your chosen sport! Mine’s a bit less frantic.



    Thanks everybody! I don’t know what happened. I fixed the header that had also disappeared – then eveything came back! Don’t know if this is a coincidence of course – but very happy indeed! Thanks!


    @ snookerbacker thanks.

    I really like your blog, has given me lots of ideas.

    Snooker is cool, that O’sullivan V Higgins match a while back, the comeback but still lose one for Ronnie was amazing!

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