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Photos coming up blank?

  1. I've spent all weekend trying to track down this problem. All my images are there except headers, thought I was going mad. I too am a sky customer

  2. Here's an update from Sky:

    To assist us in seeing if there is a pattern of customers affected can I ask that you have any customer of Sky Broadband that has this issue also contact Sky through the Contact Us section of our website. Link supplied below.

    We are looking to establish if it is certain areas of the country or broadband packages that may be causing the issue and the more details we can get the better our data will be and hopefully this will lead to a faster resolution.

    Please do contact them if you're a Sky customer.

  3. Thanks onoff, will do.

  4. Done. Will post their reply if and when I receive one.

  5. If I take my iPhone far enough away from home that it loses my Sky broadband signal and goes onto 3G mobile, images suddenly appear on WordPress!

  6. I've filled out that Sky form now too, lets see what the response time is like.
    Thanks to everyone here for their help, let's hope it's fixed today?

  7. @barrymcguinness

    just go into your iphone settings, then into wifi and turn it off. then you don't have to go anywhere to test on 3G. then after the test, turn it back on. i did just that with my wifes iphone when I first worked out that it was sky causing the issue

  8. i just checked my mail, and i got a reply from Sky:

    Dear Rowbi

    Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre.

    Sky are currently aware of the issue that you are experiencing at present and apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    We currently have engineers working on this issue with a view to having this resolved as soon as is physically possible, however at present we are not in a position to offer any timescale on how long this may actually take.

    Whilst this matter is ongoing your patience is appreciated.

    For further assistance, you can visit our help centre online at

    Kind regards
    Sky Help Centre

  9. rubbish from sky !

    total rubbish, I now fully believe they are blocking the images on purpose and the same for the other blocks on rapidshare, I now believe we are seeing the signs of censorhip and effects of the new UK digital bill.

    Remeber sky is owned by Murdoch who wants to bring in pay newspaper sites and blogs are a massive threat to him.

  10. @ianrobo

    let's give them a chance to fix this. if they say it's a fault then give them a chance to fix it. if it's not working tomorrow I will respond to them again asking for more information. a total cop out would have been to ask me if I've checked that is' not my PC at fault, or my security software blocking web sites. so I'm quite pleased that I actually got a response saying it was a confirmed fault.

    all i can suggest is that all other sky users do the same. if they get complaints every couple of days from a lot of their users, then they will eventually have to fix it.

  11. I understand that rowbinet but on the sky forum mentioned earlier two further posts

    " Sky have just told me on the phone that they are blocking 'certain' file sharing sites including Rapidshare"

    "From what they told me At the request of the people with the rights to the files that are being hosted. ie 'The Big Boys'"

  12. lolarosephotos

    I have also filled in the complaint form and sent to Sky. Let's hope this gets sorted today!!

  13. @ianrobo

    i must have missed that post. you have a good point there.

    however, rapidshare is well known for 99% of its content being illegal. I'm sure that's not the case with wordpress images, so hopefully sky have just employed a fool to configure their blocking policy, and now they'll get it put right.

    that said, I hope sky aren't planning to start blocking a lot of things or I would have to cancel my broadband with them for breech of contract. i want an internet connection, not a managed web browsing service that censors me form all the things I actually want to get to :-) lol

  14. test

  15. to be honest though, we do not live in China, if illegal sites are there the IWF have a list of these. Rapidshare and the such like are issues but censorship is not the way and our little blog community (well large) is about debating and sharing information, no pictures on my site appear without the direct permssion of the copyright holders, usually indivduals who are fans.

  16. Maybe we need to start informing the press, could be onto a legitimate story here?

    Looking at significant WP users worldwide I think there could be some interest in this issue.

    Now some of the listed blogs there work fine, (pictures load ok) but Mike Arringtons Techcrunch blog:

    is in the top 5 global blogs at number 3!

    the images there are not loading for me.

    I'm sure Sky don't want the kind of bad publicity that this issue could potentiallly generate if we let the "Notable Users" know what is happening, gotta be worth someone there investigasting?

    Rowbinet's last post sums up the morals of this for me, sure restrict access to illegal filesharing, porn etc but legitimate blogs? That's censorship and if confirmed is, in my view:

    a: Not in the spirit of the Internet
    b: A legitimate story for the press/blogosphere to sink their teeth into.


  17. suburbanmummyuk

    I have just blogged about it. Perhaps if we all do that & get it out there, we shall get so publicity & support. OK maybe not from SKY that would be asking to much. Obviously!

  18. but more info it seems

    " Just to recap for new readers: It seems Sky is routing their traffic through a provider that uses the Internet Watch Foundation lists of child pornography websites (a site highly commended by the Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown, according to their webpage).

    I would suspect the reason for 'switching on and off' is that someone finds that someone has uploaded illegal material to Rapidshare - they report it - IWF blocks it - a lot of people complain and Rapidshare tells them they have improved their filtering - IWF takes it off block - someone uploads something illegal again - ad infinitum.

    Hence, before you switch internet service providers it might be an idea to check if your new provider also uses the IWF lists. Going from some posts
    (e.g. BT banned connection to Rapidshare - Cable Forum) it might seem that quite a few do, although I haven't seen any BT ones from the last few days, so your mileage may vary. I must say I also find it surprising that they blanket ban ALL the filesharing websites at the same time"

  19. This is annoying to be honest, I too have contacted Sky, I thought it was my Mac playing up, So i had tried to re-upload the image around 5 times, May I suggest possibly putting up an information note to the members or something rather obvious on the front page of WordPress, As I honestly didnt think to look here for info.


  20. I've just let Techcrunch know as a start

  21. @jdmtas

    I suppose to WP it is rather a small market that this is affecting. If we just keep on at Sky they will have to fix the issue. I still think it likely to be a technical one myself otherwise why would they have fixed it on Friday? Like someone said earlier, going through a proxy such as anonymouse seems to work fine if you just ignore the small pop up adverts.

  22. I just had the same response from Sky:
    "I'm sorry to read of the difficulties you have experienced, we are currently aware of the issue you are experiencing, and are working to find a resolution as soon as possible. Please note your details have been passed to the relevant department and currently being looked in to. Your patience in this matter is appreciated, we hope to overcome these issues as soon as possible, and we don’t have a time scale to when this issue will be resolved.
    I hope this information has helped with your enquiry. If you require any further assistance, you can respond to my email. You can also contact our Technical team on 08442 411 411, where one of our advisors will be happy to help."

  23. I've also sent a couple of tweets to the BBC Click team to see if I can get there attention (nothing so far). That's @BBCClick

    maybe CNN should get in on the act, being the biggest WP user.

  24. I've had the same reply back from SKY:

    "Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre.

    Sky are currently aware of the issue that you are experiencing at present and apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    We currently have engineers working on this issue with a view to having this resolved as soon as is physically possible, however at present we are not in a position to offer any timescale on how long this may actually take.

    Whilst this matter is ongoing your patience is appreciated."

    In my compalint to them I told them that I was looking at alternate suppliers for my broadband as I am out of contract with SKY. I still intend to do this as if customers start leaving them they will have to sit up and take notice.

    Before I do, though, does anyone know of any issues with Plusnet or is it jusy SKY? (I would hate to move and the same thing happen).

    BTW, my images are showing again this morning but for how long?

  25. i just contacted about making a news article about this. they love a bit of gossip like this :-)

  26. Have contacted the following to see if they will take up this issue

    In the process of writing up the situation with the view of posting to:

  27. The image problem is not just a SKY issue. I'm a user in the US, using US-based devices and PCs. My header graphic is totally botched, it isn't loading. When we attempt to re-upload, it still doesnt work.

  28. My images are now working again. Hope they stay that way this time.

    Thanks to everyone who worked on this up to now.

  29. @offthebroiler

    well as you can see from a test I did earlier, I could use several other ISPs and get the pages loading fine, but not from my Sky broadband.

    perhaps your ISP is also using the same underlying service that Sky uses?? but it's been confirmed by Sky they they have an issue, so that part is true.


    that's good news. I will test when i am home later and report

  30. My images are starting to come back again. Hope everyone else's blogs are back to normal as well! :)

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