Photos coming up blank?

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    Cheers man, nice one I’ll take a look at yours in a mo, though it’s not my bag really I’ll put a link on mine for you under various.

    Just got home. Problem sorted – top performance from the collective!


    More problems this morning for me. Can’t view any new images posted and even some random old ones disappearing.

    Anyone from WP around to look into this?


    The title of the thread says ‘Resolved’ but I’m not sure that it is.



    Only staff or the original poster can mark a thread resolved.



    Well this is *not* resolved for me ( – still all blank images today.

    Yes, I’m a Sky user in the UK too.

    Do I take it then that any visitors who use Sky broadband are unable to see images on WP sites?


    I am still having issues with this as well. It was all sorted yesterday afternoon but then the problem seems to have returned again this morning!

    I’m another UK Sky user. I’ve tried looking at other WordPress blogs and can’t see the images in any of them so am guessing that no Sky users can see the images on WordPress sites at the moment.

    Does anyone know what is happening?



    You got it: it’s Sky’s fault. Contact Sky, they obviously need to fix this on their end or as I’ve said elsewhere in the thread, it’s the equivalent of throwing their customers into a repressive dictatorship where censorship is the rule. There are third-world countries that have more free access than Sky’s customers.

    Sky customers should contact them directly. They really DO need to fix this or lose a lot of customers.



    I’ve made a complaint via and suggested that if they can’t resolve it then maybe all customers who might want to use or visit a WordPress site ought to move to another ISP.



    No no no no no no noooooooooo!!!!!

    It’s stopped working again! Anyone else? This is really starting to pee me off :o(


    Same here was fine last night but this morning – no images again!

    I’ll fire of a post in the sky user forum


    Incredibly frustrating this, seems to have got worse since I logged on this morning, can’t see anything now – is there any word at all from WP on this?


    Just rang them, I think it would have been more use speaking to a shaved chimp. Not holding out a great deal of hope on this.


    An AOL user on my blog has said he can see everything just fine, a Sky user can’t view any images.


    Yep, Sky issue for sure.

    Some dude on Sky User forum has implied that WP stores media externally on servers that also host illegal data, that Sky were right to block and I should find a blog service/ host that doesn’t indulge in such practices. (he posted a link to – lol



    Blog service host is bit tough to handle I guess..!!

    Thanks for the confirmation post..!! I guess its authentic..!!


    nametag holder


    I’ve just been checking other ppls blogs.

    I went to:

    and on the “freshly pressed” page i can see two images, the rest are blank,
    how is that possible?

    1. Heat rises on us-china relations – amfix
    2.World Cup security – are you concerned? – safe travel & …

    cant someone edit something so all images reside in the same place as the two images that do load up?


    I have the same problem and I am a Sky user. I have emailed them and await reply. Whatever the reasons, it is totally our of order for simple and law abiding bloggers to have their service disrupted without notice. If there is a legal issue then we should be informed. Why are both Sky and WordPress being so tightlipped?
    Thank goodness for forums. I have had several issues, not just IT ones, solved by forum posters and always involving companies that just have not got communication with their clients right. Silence and obfuscation drive me away – never do I think
    aww Bless, they have my best interests at heart!!!!!.
    Keep up the great work posters!!


    I think it’s ok if they fix it and it stays fixed, once it breaks again then some communication to explain and apologise is an essential requisite of good customer service.

    I’ve raised this with WP support admin asking, someone has now removed the {resolved} tag from this thread


    In Firefox now the image box isn’t even showing, just the caption. In IE at least the snapshot is working so it can’t be that they don’t want anyone viewing the images or they’d sort this too. Frustrating.



    I am also having this problem, but I am NOT using sky – I’m in the US and I’m on Comcast. I can upload the picture, but it doesn’t display in the thumbnails on the media page. but when I click to edit the picture is there. I can add it to a post, but it won’t display when the post comes up. for the record, i’ve been having this problem for MONTHS. I have upgraded my version of WordPress and no improvement. Nothing I enter now is working – all older pics are still there and displaying properly.


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