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Photos coming up blank?

  1. finally the truth outs, instead of blocking single URL's the IWF blocked whole domains it seems which brought down access to fileshare sites. However why wordpress images were affected is not clear as wordpress does not even allow normal sex sites does it ?

    still think they tried this as some kind of experiment ot block so called illegal downloading.

  2. I think we should wait a few days before seeing this as a resolved issue. It could easily happen again as it did on Friday.

  3. i can confirm that all my images are working on my blog from Sky Broadband.

    I too agree we should wait at least a few days before confirming this is definately resolved, as it sounds like it's been a problem and then resolved before. so I will continue to keep an eye on it and respond on this thread if I have any more issues.

  4. all fine for me as well, WP guys really need to press sky on this

  5. lolarosephotos

    As of 11pm GMT yesterday my blog has been working fine and all images are now loading! Let's hope this is the end of it!

  6. I have asked 'Hamish' at Sky Help Centre for an explanation, and if there are any assurances that this won't be happening again.

  7. I just got this email from Sky:

    'Sky are aware of an issue that affects customers accessing some websites and this has been escalated for investigation. We are not deliberately blocking this website or any other website.

    Your patience is appreciated whilst this is ongoing.'

    I'm not sure that I believe them though - I think that maybe this was an attempt to trial blocking certain sites. I don't know though and doubt we will ever find out what happened! Which is fine, so long as it doesn't happen again!

    The most irritating thing for me about the whole thing was the 'It's only a blog' attitude that some people had about this. That's not the point, surely? If you pay for a service then you expect it to work or at least some honest communication about why it isn't. Also, our blogs may not be important to other people but we happen to put a lot of thought and care and, yes, love into them so of course we are going to get upset and up in arms when something goes wrong! ;)

  8. @ erzibet. Strange that you got that reply as I got this one!

    Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre.

    I am sorry to hear of the problems you have been having.

    Sky is not aware of any issues with this website and accessing any images, however we would like investigate further and see if it is a common issue.

    If I could ask you to answer a few questions so we can try and find a resolution for this.

    Can I firstly ask:

    What Browser settings are you using? ie: Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

    What version is it? ie: Version 6,7,8

    What operating system are you currently using? ie Windows XP, Vista

    What security system are you currently using?

    Is is just the one computer that you are using?

    Is it only the one website that you cannot few images on?

    Is it the black or white router that you are using and what make is it?

    I look forward to receiving this information at your earliest convenience. In the meantime, if you need any further help, you can reply to my email. As an alternative, you can contact our Broadband Technical team on 08442 410515, where one of our advisors will be happy to help.

    There are obviously some communication problems at Murdoch's gaff.

  9. Hmm, the plot thickens! This is all extremely odd. I'm glad to be leaving them to be honest.

  10. And here is the response from the Sky Help Centre:

    "Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre, and I'm pleased that the issue has now been resolved.

    I believe it could be an internal server error at WordPress."


  11. @barrymcguinness Nope. The image outage for Sky Broadband users definitely wasn't an internal server error at We checked. :)

  12. it's still all working for me. so looks like this fix is fine.

  13. Sorry to reopen this long thread, but just a warning to anyone thinking of jumping ship to another ISP -- especially in the UK -- probably won't fix anything.

    I am getting the exact same problem on O2 (same as Be), and have just logged a support ticket with them. Any image or file hosted at is inaccessible, the browser times out trying to reach that domain.

    Looks like it is still blacklisted somewhere!

  14. Mine do the same. I add them to the gallery and try to import from there and they still don't work. When I imported from my old Goggle Blog, they showed up, but anything new is not. I am on FF. My blog is:

    Any suggestions?

  15. So an update, There is a red X in a square unless I click on Edit Mode, then the pic shows up. I do some editing, reduce the size, save it, and still get a red X. I tried this in IE. I too have paid for my templates so it would be nice to see them work.

  16. @gruning
    This is the support forum for those who have free blogs being free hosted by All those with blog that are hosted by any other web host must post to> http://wordpress.ORG/support/ I think you are posting into the wrong forum.
    See >

  17. Getting blank photos with IE 6 & 7 on Windows 7, 2000, 2003 server and XP

    No problems viewing with IE8 (Windows 7, XP) Firefox (any version of Windows.)
    Even Linux (Redhat and Ubuntu) view my blog properly using the Konqueror /Firefox browser

  18. IE6 is not a browser that I would be concerned about. It has driven web designers around the bend for years and finally Microsoft have announced that their support for it has been discontinued. As far as cross browser compatibility with IE7 goes have you contacted Staff for help with that?

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