Photos coming up blank?

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    Both myself and my girlfriend are having the same problem – two different PCs in the same house, but we’re on Sky.

    I have emailed Sky as a first step in getting either a resolution or an explanation. I know it’s been linked here before, but there is a good thread on the Sky User forums here



    am on the phone right now, and Sky are claiming they have not heard of this issue!

    Am on hold to the 3rd department as they have no clue how to deal with this or even what problem area it is.

    Interestingly, I have donwloaded ans started up TOR while on the phone and can see my Blog ( while browsing anonymously, but nothing just accessing normally! The tab in Firefox just never finishes loading. I guess this means it’s not getting 404 messages back, and is trying to access the server with the images.

    I only started moving my site to WordPress yesterday and wanted to work on it this weekend, so the timing couldn’t be worse.

    Anyone technical know a neat way to explain the issue without using vague terms?



    Found a FORCED Solution. Upload images to your website separately, then use the “URL link” option to insert the images into your posts. This worked for me.

    But it’s REALLY annoying to not be able to use uploaded images.



    @ksparta-Sorry, the blog you linked to is not a WordPress.COM blog. This is the support forum for WordPress.COM. It seems you need to be over at support for self-hosted WordPress

    WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG? The difference

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums



    Dont worry SKY are blocking and many others see you all thought China was bad…………… IT the same in the UK gonna have to move to Japan so that I can download my movies……………….


    I am having issues too. Driving me bloody crazy I am with sky too.



    Me too Can’t load pictures and when I did manage to get a header uploaded it then disappeared overnight. V frsutrating.


    My husband has just spoken to Sky about this and seems to have got a very unhelpful person on the other end, who said that it sounds like we have all been blocked and that it was probably deliberate so wouldn’t be rectified. He told them that if they can’t sort it out then he is leaving and as they couldn’t say that it would be resolved, he’s now signed us up with another ISP.

    I have no doubt that it will be sorted out at some point but I’m really disappointed that they are being so shoddy about an issue that is affecting so many people and it doesn’t make me want to stay with them any more. I wonder how many other customers they are going to lose over this? :(



    this was ok this morning and gone again,

    leaving sky the customer service and information has been appalling



    For a few days my site has no images, just broken image placeholders, including the header image.
    I upload a new image and it also appears blank in the post editor, i publish the post and the image does not post.

    Is anyone in WordPress aware of this issue. I see 149 other people have replied to this thread so far! Pretty please fix it for us!



    OK, i am also a Sky broadband UK customer, and i cant see images, even on – except for two. Anyone found the RIGHT person/department to complain to? I’ll start hunting and making our voice heard too.



    I lodged a complaint by logging onto the Sky Help Centre
    then clicked on “Got a complaint” under Useful Links.

    No response so far.



    I’ve been trying to hunt down someone, somewhere who can deal with this.

    An admin over at Sky User forum called NewsreadeR has a contact within Sky Tech but has said this contact doesnt work weekends.

    Ianrobo has stated he’s going with another ISP and I’m tempted to dump Sky as well but I’m loathe to mess with what is otherwise a nice, fast, stable connection.

    However I’d much rather go with a ISP that actually has tech support rather than just fone monkeys.

    If it’s not fixed by Monday then I’m going to move.



    problem is mate

    I have to go to virgin so not sure they are better !!

    as of now still not working


    We’re planning to abscond to Be Broadband – Apparently my husband has been wanting to switch to them for a while so he is quite keen to get annoyed with Sky about this as it gives him an excuse to get all irate and get it sorted out! ;)


    To be honest – I’m pretty sure Sky don’t care, they’ve got a huge number of customers for various ISP services and all those interlinked tv/phone/broadband deals and even losing all their UK WP bloggers wouldn’t dent their bottom line.

    Some bad publicity might do the job mind?

    After a totally pointless discussion with the fone monkey I dont plan to waste any more time, they know there’s a problem and haven’t reacted.


    I agree – I really don’t think they care at all. I wouldn’t mind so much if someone, either from Sky or WordPress could provide some answers about what is actually happening so that we can stop speculating and also, hopefully, have some sort of timescale or guarantee that it is being worked in and will be fixed.


    Um, *on*, not *in*. Sorry, am working at the same time and my mind is all over the place! :)

    This is harsh for you bikesportcentral – haven’t you only had your blog for a couple of days? I hope you haven’t been put off by this – WordPress is great really, honest. :)


    Yep, 3 days here and about 15 hours of working pics in that time, very annoying, however I’m learning new things which is a positive.

    Have had a reply from WP admin >Sheri< about my support request now. They have said they will investigate and post back here so lets see what happens next and how long it takes.



    I am not exactly sure what Sky is doing or why, but we are trying to get in touch with them to find out. From what we can tell they are filtering some traffic to one of our data centers in the US, but it is unclear why they are doing that. We have not received any notifications from them that could explain the problem.

    Usually the first step is to have you guys as Sky customers contact them, since that usually works better than us trying to randomly find someone who works there or use their contact form, but apparently that method has been unsuccessful so far.

    If you happen to work for Sky, please let us know what the best way to get in touch with someone who can help resolve this issue!

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