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    Inserted photos disappear of my blogs? I check back on older blogs to find a question mark and the photo that I have downloaded through media has vanished. Is there an explanation?
    Thank you
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to the site you’ve linked to? Please link to a post where the images have disappeared starting with http:// to make it clickable.


    Hi Jennifer

    It’s when I download a pic from the internet (images say off Google) I save to downloads then insert the image from them to the media library. They appear for a while but then they vanish?
    Thank you for replying so promptly. I wonder if I have to keep downloading them again?




    Many it not the vast majority of the indexed images in Google’s cache are under copyright. That’s why Google posts the notice. When people “help themselves” to image they do not have permission to use the copyright holders make sure they disappear from the sites that violated their copyright by napping them.

    For details about the options for uploading images I recommend

    For troubleshooting images tips please see >



    justjennifer asked you to post URLs. Please do that so we can determine whether or not the missing images are in the Media Library ie. hosted on servers. Or if the missing images are hosted on third party sites.


    Thank you timethief. I am relatively new to blogging & because I have seen other posts with photos that they say they have downloaded I ‘assumed’ I could. I totally understand the copyright laws though. I shall look at the options available.
    Thanks for your response.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog.
    P.S. You will find the top 7 sites I recommend for getting free images in this post and note there are 71 sites listed on my Resources page under “images (free sources)”


    Hi I’m still having issues :-(
    I own a MAC does that have anything to do with it?
    If I search on google for a pic I have been putting along the ‘stolen photo’ Pic Courtesy of Google. They remain then they vanish.
    I also download onto my MAC (the same way as the Google pics) photos from a free pic website and I am finding them disappear also now??
    I’m at a loss to understand. I download to MAC then pull from downloads into Media Library then add to post.
    Surely Google isn’t checking every blog site world wide to nick them back again?
    Any ideas?

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