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    I’m having problems with photos on the attachment page of my Fruitshake themed blog appearing distorted when viewed on my PC in Internet Explorer. Instead of shrinking my photos in the right proportions, it is skewing them so they look vertically stretched and horizontally squashed. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you upload images that had been optimized and properly sized to they “fit” into the maximum displayed image width for you theme before they were uploaded? If you didn’t then the image quality will be lost through stretching and squashing.


    Thanks for the reply, that’s helpful. I’m not reducing the images down to the 515 pixel width that the guide in the link above reccommends. I could start doing that but it seems unfortunate when people should be able to click through to high res large sized versions of the photos that I have in my galleries.

    I would have thought the theme would be able to automatically reduce the photo to the appropriate size to be shown in the right proportions on the page while still able to click through to a larger version.

    This all works fine on my blog when viewed on my wife’s Mac in both Safari and Firefox but not on my PC in IE…


    Ok, I’ve resolved the issue by changing my gallery settings to link thumnails to image file instead of attachment page. Not ideal but much better than it was.

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