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Photos do not show

  1. My photos do not show today on my Blog at:
    Any idea why?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Were they previously displaying?
    Have you checked your Media Library to see if they are still found there?

  3. Yes, they did show before fine.
    I am not sure how accurate the media count is. It says that I have 15 images, and does not show some of the images that are live on the Blog??


  4. In order for an image to be displayed it has to be either (1) uploaded in your Media Library and hosted on servers (2) or you have hotlinked to the image. Lately we have had reports of bloggers deleting images from their Media Library and then expecting those images to display in their posts.

    If there are images on your blog that are "live" but are not found in your Media Library then they have to be on servers somewhere and someone has to be paying for the bandwidth. That means you must have hotlinked to them.

    Can you be more specific please by posting the links to the posts that have missing images?

    Do you have your images hosted by photobucket, Flickr, etc.? If so, are those the images that are missing form your posts?

  5. I have personalty uploaded my images to my Blog, and they have been displaying fine for 6 months. All of a sudden, they disappeared?

  6. I think you mean that you uplaoded the images from your computer to your blog. If that's the case then hotlinking is not an issue. All of those images you uploaded into your ought to be in your Media Library, and provided you did not delete them from the posts or Media Library they ought to be displaying in your posts. This is the link for you to use to file a support ticket with Staff

  7. FWIW I use a Firefox 3.5.6 browser and I can see images in your posts. Before you contact Staff I think you ought to be sure this is not a browser issue. Please use these techniques before you file a support ticket:

  8. I had to upload my photos again. I deleted an old blog I had before, which had those photos as well. I wonder if that was the reason for the disappearance of my photos.


  9. If you started the new blog by importing from the old one, it's likely that you didn't transfer the images to the new blog. The links in your new blog would have been to the media library in the old one. When you deleted the old one, its media library was also deleted. That would certainly explain the broken links.

  10. Yes, I think that is what occurred.
    Thank you all.

  11. Yay! I"m glad you finally worked this out.

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